Casio PX-110
Casio PX-110

PX-110, Digital Piano from Casio in the Privia series.

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kawajo 01/07/2006

Casio PX-110 : kawajo's user review


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88-note Graded Hammer dynamic, 32 or 16 note polyphony max (depending on sound)
Direct access to 11 sounds (3 MIDI-access), 2 layers, Split configurable.
4 Reverb (16 MIDI), 4 Chorus (16 MIDI) configurable by DC or sysex, DSP, Brilliance
20 accompanying rhythms start / stop, intro / ending, synchro / fill-in, adjustable volume.
4 tuning (normal, Casio, Fingered, Full Range)
2-track recorder (10,000 notes), tracks mutable.
60 songs demo / study (scores provided, salt. Left hand / right hand)
Dynamic three keyboards, one octave transposition, tuning 440 Hz + / - 50
2 entries pedals (sustain, soft / sostenuto choice) or optional SP30 (3 pedals)
16-channel MIDI IN / OUT (no THROU), 2 headphone outputs (no line-out, cut HP)
2x8W amplifier, 12V external power supply provided, weight 11.9 kg


The hit is very nice, not too heavy (but comparable to some piano), linear smooth, maybe a little slow (to rise) for use classique.Touches quality, flawless finish.
The general configuration uses the keyboard, a little quirky, but once adjusted to suit individual needs, I do not think we touched ay (using the manual useful).
No patch, selection of instruments / rhythms by direct buttons (using PC / sysex possible).
No display, so the choice of reverb / chorus to the ear (or MIDI).
The manual is very clear and full MIDI implementation / Sysex site Casio


The sounds are great and can be edited via MIDI, so I think it will fit any style of violin playing music.The keyboard heavy, I see no point (that sounds weird and more).
The effects are effective and can be edited via MIDI.
There are 4 levels of velocity but no aftertouch (except MIDI).
The Grand Piano1 is, the 2 is more muffled (but needs improvement), the Harpsichord no interest.


I 15 days ago (thank you Santa Claus ...)
The keyboard (hit) is the highlight, the lack of display is unfortunate.
I tried all the keyboards of the store (even more expensive) and the PX110 was what I was looking for in terms of hit (the first criterion, I use it with expanders, therefore less important for the sounds). In same price range, I selected the CME UF8, but the hit is execrable (feeling hard spot, down in 2 stages) and the quality of the first models is zero (plastics, electronics ...)
The price / quality ratio is very good. There is no dbeaucoup of choice in this price range and I apreciated increasing gradually as I discovered.
A nice surprise and I would do this choice without hesitation.