Casio PX-110
Casio PX-110

PX-110, Digital Piano from Casio in the Privia series.

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dogendo31 03/09/2006

Casio PX-110 : dogendo31's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
88 keys / system support (20 styles) / 32 notes polyphony = (16 in STREO)
can connect two pedals (sustain and sostenuto), which is better than the competition
it is lightweight
finish rather good but the sides are plastic fragile: if we dplace often prvoir a flight


Excellent feel a little lighter than Yamaha (my opinion too heavy on the P-90) but much heavier than raliste and Roland
Simple function even if some go through the keyboard
Manuel well done
Splitable keyboard: it's rare that price


Trs good piano sound (Piano 1 = 3 samples!) Even if it is not at a P-90 or FP-5.
It is necessary all the same prvoir an external amplifier (stereo or 2.1 system like Logitech and Altec Lansing) because the HP tend embrouller sound: it's a shame
I am a dcu by Rhodes silent nicer on the PX-100.
The strings = good in layer
Low = OK if external amplifier
Other sounds are not transcendent
The buddy system is the gadget: the PX is not an arranger. At the limit the battery can advantageously replace the metronome.


An excellent quality price. Casio continues as if a competition has to be worried.