Yamaha P-250
Yamaha P-250

P-250, Digital Piano from Yamaha in the P series.

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FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Yamaha P-250
I like the features, it has 16 track secuencer, split, layer, layer/split, great and powerfull speakers (you do not have to start up all the gear when you want just play the piano... and the vibration from the speakers adds piano feel). A great feature is it has 2 line ins in order to conect an external device and get amplified trough the built in speakers), it has 5 band ecualizer (hardware bands). THe board feels realy nice, top of the line, a little heavy at the beginning but you get used to...but it feels like a real grand. USB, seria interfases. Mi only complaint are two: 1. The lcd could be larger,,it is difficult to handle the secuencer, wich one is difficult to operate on my opinion, and 2. It has no expansion capabilities, what is a really sorrow for me

Price paid

2200 USD


Well as a piano it haves no problem in order to use. No difficult on selectin sounds, or changin, splitin or layerin. Howevr, when you layer sounds, you maybe want to move the octave up or down on some, what is some dificult to get that parameter... The secuencer, well: dificult tu use, you get easily lost whan trayin to setup it up. But as a stage piano, there are no problem, no dificult


Well, the P250 is a digital piano, so it is the way i judge it. Starting eith the Pianos i think there are nearle perfect. There are awesome, lot of expresiveness, dynamic and presence. In special the Grand Piano 1 (a Yamaha CFIII) and the Mellow, the Grand Piano 2 sounds more like a bosendorfer, it is great but the level acomplished on pianos 1 is unsurpassable (is multisampled, with multiple velocity, dinamycs, string resonance, etc...) the other onboard "main sounds" are great, specially the Epianos and the organs. The XG module (moro than 400 sounds) included souns ok for some, great for other and crap for other... but as i say, this is a Digital Piano with an extra palette of sounds... and, as a piano, i think is the best...


Well, it seens very hihg quality, very wel done. To last many gigin years. It is realliy heavy: 40 kgs more or less, si it is heavy! But all in the P250 feels confortable, top quality and well done. I know yamaha for making great instruments, i own a DX7s and work perfectly... so it is logic to expect the same.

Well i am really in love for this epiano. Wham i like most is that it is very inspirating, you can play for hours an hours and feel the great board, and hear the great sound. Is not a grand acoustic piano, but, i could say... almost, very near: Very Top of the line piano sounds, incredible hammer graduated keys, good lookin,... for me, is like a dream come true, i never had a real piano, (i have played a lot of pianos, but never had one!!) and to have it have left me o improve my musical skills and my inspiration. When you meet a P250, i think you fall in love with it...

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Posted by: bncmurris ( 7-, 2005)

jmiv's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha P-250
Hello I know she vodrais diiff sounds and touch piano between s90 and P250 I currently ais a s80 again I would like to know the diff between the piano sounds. would be the best way of esayer the mag but none have stock thank you to answer me