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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 7 reviews )
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Value For Money : Poor
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ob-1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Elektron SidStation
Deja vu, I will not add


The interface is a bit heavy but with time you get used to

basically everything is on the screen (ridiculous) and said these sounds by browsing a dozen submenus

I would say that one who know a little synthse additive, has come to do what he wants with this machine, most basic functions are Submitted

beginners, on your way

the manual is simple and sufficient

the chunks is the editor of wavetable, not too empty to know what you do to beginners, but with persverance we enter the heart of the machine

flat, four assignable knob more would not have the luxury t


I actually post the notice of the reading APRS Anonymous

this machine sounds "Chip-tune" or "8 bit", whatever, so that it sounds like a gameboy is rather a compliment to him

those expecting a classic synth sounds clear and powerful, forget it, this machine is LO-FI, unstable, noisy, sometimes capricious, though ... the sound is still very warm and mostly living trs

waveforms are diffrent of each other, which is the main achte is not an SID for a large super Fat but to make the "8-bit" and less 'be hacker, it is the only proposed contract expander such sonoritbr />
the wavetable allow any kind of thing, mini arpge, rhythms box, FX, see carrment squenceur for a piece with 3 tracks
good is not perfect, I find the filter a bit winded even when (rsonance shy and there is still much lower passing end of course) and I find the sound gnral low low, but good enough qualisation solve the problem
on the other hand I've never tried an external signal to filter ...


More than 2 years that I use

cot least, a flash memory 3 times since I have a backup via rgulier C6 is essential if we want to start over zero,
I would also add that I prfr whether rack, as I often do dplace live and the place that I have sometimes Reduces ets

cot addition, SOUND, SOUND and ... SOUND

compares a certain TB-303, OK it is gray, compact, inimitable, and almost indispensable to one who possde, but s'arrte l
the sid is a synth that allows you to complete the lead, bass, percussions and all sorts of things but always with the grain "8-bit"

qualitprix report? to the extent that there is no real competition in the sector expander "8-bit" hard to say if the price lev justified or not (for my part I had in OCCAZ 750EUR)

otherwise the machine is even more rare for a TB, or the 20000 manufactured by Roland in the manufacture of stopping, the Elektron has manufactured SidStation 1000 before reaching the end of their stock chip !
I Rasht without a hsiter, but as I dj my choice will lean towards a Monomachine, I could compare the SID emulator and I then incorporated under the SID 7 ..... rhaa hands, lovely

sidchip's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Elektron SidStation
Bonzour, well, I think it's great top, much the reverb on it, and I tell you not to travel.
I also think that the C TB303 reviewed and refreshed, if I may say so, a big blows 8-bit digital analog 80's.
C expensive, eating pasta, potatoes, paté !!!!!!( the dog too).


Special use but nice.


Then, la, la I'll tell you that the C curfew. Yes ma'am.



With respect to the opinion below, me, mine does not crash that very very rarely 1 or 2 crashes in 2 years.

I would also say that when I buy (new), that had a manufacturer defect, she messing around, a wire was set with a bad inside, so sometimes it works and sometimes nothing comes out, It's been no contact so vs see what I mean.
C Marc Sirguy of MESI (importer ELEKTRON pr France), even to me it is repaired.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Elektron SidStation
Small gray box well freindly
control everything in 2 hours .. playfully understands the internal parameters
bone can be unstable depending on the number of simultaneous MIDI notes and tends to flash / ...on / off is off again ca

is a sidstation, bone Commodore c64 is like that (nothing very bad)
must know that between one version "do it yourself" version of elektron is overclocked .. and its a nostalgia sidstation 82

a purchase only if we understand that the goal was to return to elektron mind 82.83 and reboost the sid ... follower of Micromuse / cheaptunes...bienvenue in Wonderland

ca blip blip, bleeeep a good way, not comparable,


Simple Config
nothing to do with QuadraSID ... it has the magic bullet that squeeze on some ground gives emotions very electronic

Besides the vostok it has its place, the squeeze brings the freshness ... ideal for electro

it's something crazy, she made the best 8 bits (as in 44khz/16bits convertos elektron) its semi analog / digital semi ... dynamics, really nothing to do with bits of soft drinks in 96kHz/24

here is less fine, many + random, it stains, and this is requested, the trp freeware are clean and simplistic a side (as a wavetable sequencer powwwa!)


Sounds interesting ..
I personally tested the presets (4) and finally I went back to zero
well almost sometimes I use the ninja but nothing worth while to rebuild

sidstation behind the filter is filtered xpass, I did not put noize gate

ca has a crazy potato (the xpass seems to be planned for sid)


The - it can bugger but nothing catastrophic (on / off and AC off again on the same preset, parameter etc. ..
somewhat limited at the beginning (that is an impression because after the AC is absolutely more)

Most everything else
ergonomics, design, strength of the machine, have everything at hand
the peps
before long I receive my second sid, I'm in love, nothing to do with VSTS

with an aim quadsid, given that the argus DECOTE you can go for .. there's nothing better
etc. .. unlike its price is largely justified, nothing to do with competition
after is a matter of taste .. It does not sound like a Moog Voyager sure,

but it is not the purpose of the squeeze that has a presence rather alternative

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Elektron SidStation
Polyphonic mode using the chip to a quarter of its possibilities (they had almost promised a multitimbral mode, never).
bone is highly sensitive to regular MIDI ... crashes as soon as you start to want to sync / send cc.


Galley and simple at the same time


Uh, it can make some interesting sounds (as in just about any synth (well, apart from the will, of course)), weird blips, sound quality with a sort of "voice" fairly massive but not very range large, especially:
January 1 dubious sound quality ("hollow" sound, leakage of the oscillators, filter noise, amplitude contour opportunities ultra Schematic (worthy of a gameboy)) ---> only solution: EQ / expansion / compression ...
2 filter dull and rough (it's part of the charm, no choice has to be said)
3 oscillators disappointing (square wave without character, sync and ring mod not sensational either)
4 LFOs a little too slow.
5 wavetable rigid tiresome (no possibility of modulating their speed by the velocity), and produce full of clicks that tire the ears ...


I have one, I use it, and I like it, somewhere ...
but at this price is the most stupid thing you can find (probably the most radical who wants to ruin eardrums)

Note: all sounds "interesting" it can produce are affordable (and well below) the lower controllable analog hp (for modulations in steps of oscilloscope, filter, VCA (away from the sid , amplitude modulation, another of his big faults with it is on or off ...))

worth no more than 200 euros this thing, to stop the myth ...

jamesdo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Elektron SidStation
Everyone know, cheap but nice ;-) Otherwise read the articles below.


The use of four preset banks provided the site is more than simple. You just have a hard sequencer (Machinedrum, rm1x, ...) or soft (fruityloops, cubase, seq303, ...) on hand. Or a keyboard.
The edition of preset Drout is a bit at first. But you get done quickly and the system menu is logical and trs is fast becoming a breeze. By day, it is not really the best way to learn synthse. Dj it sounds "weird" CHRE our SID, a good basis for synthse is mandatory to draw up.


Derrire unfiltered, no problem there is the sound as simple reconnatre. Cheap, unstable, noisy, ... but impressive power. Moving from one style bleep gameboy 80 'big sheet or pad of a rhythmic prsence incredible.
I use it mostly in rinjectant sound directly into the Machinedrum (which also serves as a sequencer). And with the low-pass filter, high pass rsons, the downsampling parameter and lock the MD is a pure pleasure.
A unique sound that comes out completely what the industry now. Thank you Elektron.


I'm not objective, I like my SID. For me it's the 21st scicli 303 with a chip 80 'manufactured surant the 20th Scicli. A unique paradox. In addition to the gas elektron trs are nice, the quality of support.

rez6581's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Elektron SidStation
The monophonic synth SidStation is built around the Sound Interface Device (SID) -6581 ( 7Ee9426444/sidtech3.html%), the chipset sound of Commodore 64 (http:/ /


This machine does what Manir constructed using the sound processor is made of the same Manir other synthtiseur, despite the large technical restrictions of the ge advance of the can (in 1982 all the same).
I would remind you that the SID-6581 era t designed or out of the TB-303, and the era c'tait a real "monster" sound compares all other computer .
The OS of the machine even t he program on an Amiga 4000, so this machine is unique and "vintage" from beginning to end.


The sound processor overclock is more than 200 times the original and then spits frquence Now the 16-bit 44KHz (which is impossible to do with a Commodore 64) and of course if you know a little style, sounds are truly monstrous (if that's what you want).
A good big bass in square-wave will make you hair stand on the whole body at the same time, and even you can be come a tear dcrocher the end of the cycle "pulse-width".
I did the test by trying DIFFERENT SID emulators, and really is incomparable, the original (the so Sidstation) is inimitable.


I bought this wonderful little thing for 3 years, and now that there will never again be built I am even more happy to have bought time.
I do not t dcu with my purchase, I also used the Sidstation in "slave" Listen to music for Commodore 64 (in. Sid) while I work.

I think overall (10 across) is fully justified if you like his "low-fi" if caractrisque the Commodore 64, if you do not know this world dj it is likely that you would dcu but otherwise you will understand my enthusiasm!

Nothing's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Elektron SidStation
This synth is Submitted as a small box format "groovebox" a rough finish trs, and the whole is trslger.

It is low on the SID, the chipset sound of Commodore 64.

But there is a single chip, so it is monophonic and monotimbral.

The presets are ditables only on the machine, there is no editor available software I know. For the edition, 4 knobs and a large paved numrique, a calculator, to navigate the OS.

The connection is simple: midi in, out, and a thru / O mono jack.

No effect and no potentiomtre output volume (?!?!)


Edit your own sounds may be quite difficult, this synth has nothing do with an analog synth.

We'll have to dive into the doc, but rather educational too succinct to give something other than a simple introduction.

The four knobs can act on the live sound and can be automatiss by noon.

It is essential to use a noise-gate output is also strongly recommended trs in the doc, because this synth is trs loud: lots of wind and bug-chip MOS 6581 ( the famous SID) which means that the oscillators do not s'arrtent and cause a noise even more losque a note is played.

Finally, the stability of the OS is not any evidence, I had a dj crashes (!)


The sound is unique, btement by the design of this chip. If in your younger years you jou with a C64, it will remind you a lot of good memories.

So the sound is dirty trs, in a register Thurs 80's video, this machine has a. Designed to t

The machine shows its Intrets on pads really trs pais, sounds percu CHARACTERISTICS of the machines, but especially small lead fawn squence old game video.

IDAL is short for electro-pop for Adult and REFERENCE Fisherspooner use this synth and means!


I kept this machine 3 months. I sampled my sounds prfrs then I sold it. I t trsdu globally by this purchase made me a long time RVer.

The CHARACTERISTICS I like, and that motivated this purchase, it's btement the chip, the SID, that's sounds good SPECIFICATIONS. But I dtest everything else.

First, there are limitaions machine that could be Exceeds with the use of multiple chips (which are far from being rare, it's just the stock of Elektron, which is limited !).

There is the quality of manufacture of the machine is really dplorable (well, another ct has trs craft, some will find the charm aa)

Finally, there is the price is really too lv ...

In rsum I do not really regret this machine. If you have a good dj studio full, the Sidstation be a nice little gadget to use from time to time, but otherwise I do not really recommend the purchase.

Finally, there is a virtual synth mulant ReFX said by the SID, not just the sound of it is trs Fidler, but it also offers more features than INTERESTED SidStation, I prfr far be it from ReFX team that is responsible for the development of this machine plutt the Elektron team.