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All user reviews of 3/5 for the Yamaha TX81Z

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 15 reviews )
 7 reviews47 %
 5 reviews33 %
 2 reviews13 %
Value For Money : Excellent
Lord Wan12/14/2012

Lord Wan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" For collector or fan of FM synthesis"

Yamaha TX81Z
1 rack unit.
Polyphony: 8
Timbral: 8
Rom sounds (presets): 4 banks of 32, ram (patches): 1 bank of 32
Combinations (multitimbral assignments) in rom: 8, ram: 24
Stereo output
Input / output Midi.
Recognition order velocity and aftertouch.
Management sounds Sysex (100% compatible with Dx11 and Dx21 compatible part, 27 and 100).
Note: the processor that handles the midi inputs TX81Z is slow and can easily block the device if it sends continuous series of "control change" or "sysex" from a sequencer or control surface.
There are many publishers but they can not make the FM understandable ... UniSynth all except of course ;)
To note that I assigned it in light of current devices ... but also in relation to its rating.


The configuration is done with the navigation keys and a pair of + / - buttons strolling through menus and submenus endless ...
I do not even talk about editing sounds, it is a horror!
I seriously recommend when purchasing, adding a final secondhand netbook with Windows XP and a USB interface 1 midi port to run an editor. Otherwise it is a blow to the disgust FM.


I will not dwell too much on the issue here because everything is a matter of taste. But it is obvious that not using a FM synth to a "piano" or "violin".

Its fields are percusifs kinds are bells, vibraphone, electric piano and bass "slap".
With effect input gammme permanently for chorus / phaser / reverb (like Midiverb or DSP2024) we can begin to make tablecloths or "string together" interesting. But still very synthetic.

Therefore it can not serve as a main generator set. on the other hand, this type of synthesis mixes well with other keeping her personality in the mix.
One can for example use the generator as "strange percussion" in addition to a boitre ryhtme.


I use it for a few years. Synths, I've tried dozens and among the fifteen that I keep active, it is still there ...
Its biggest flaw (outside the man / machine interface) is an output level a little "feeble." So it is best to physically closest to the mixer (or with a multi-purpose output TRS) because we will add gain and does not amplify noise in the cables.
In the end, for a ridiculous price and you can add a module a little "exotic" in his set. If you do not want to take the lead must use an editor / Seller external ... see my signature ;)
Note that I am mindful of the attributes using an external editor.
Docteur Frog05/06/2002

Docteur Frog's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha TX81Z
1 Rack Unit - Traditional FM Synthesis - Number of algorithms max 8 - 8 voice polyphony - Multimbralité 8 shares. (Note: some internal algorithms can add up)


Simple to use - basic edition is for the FM synthesis - at that time nobody knew how to manual.


...:-) If we put the instrument in its time and context, TX81Z is a great product. Certainly, do not use it toutva, but sounds like LatelyBass DigiBass or other preset or Lead (s) or noise which are very nice to use. take the Latelybass is this sound which is used by Queen as a bass synth panoramic RadioGaga DNAS. Super sound that can be re-sampled layers with the current samplers.


Is a good little bass synth expander nerveurses, the rest is completely outdated, but tpout everyone knows that even in music and sound colors, there is always one-sided ' 'revival.'' If you do not have expander Fm, it is an instrument of service to you from time to time.
Occaz side, it's not worth more than 1000 francs.
Well hello to you!