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Average Score:3.5( 3.5/5 based on 12 reviews )
 3 reviews25 %
 4 reviews33 %
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JHShaw's review"Lots of sounds, but many flaws, incomplete user manual, limited support."

Roland Integra-7
I paid about $1500 for this box, trusting Roland to design a good product. Yes, it has a great number of sounds. There are several serious flaws. While using a MIDI setup from my controller,the sounds that are loaded often just drop out- I must reload the studio set to continue once I search and find this cause. Also the sounds get stuck when changing programs from my controller, requiring a reboot. I'll never trust this Integra for live performance, can't allow a sudden stuck tone. Also I want to export some sounds to my FA workstation- the FA also has thousands of sounds, but not the simple jazz guitar I wanted- but that's another topic. I execute the instructions regarding exporting a sound (or studio set) from Integra to a thumb drive- but cannot succeed. The available help on Roland websites is minimal, very limited, a few random topics. Searching the web has led to this website but I need tech advice. It isn't apparent on the Roland website. I would caution against buying this Integra 7. A well loaded workstation may be preferable.


Joesses's review"Perfect sound, bad multiparts usage, only 1 part at the time or it crashes"

Roland Integra-7

Supernatural sound quality is perfect, i like it a lot!

I got it with the expectation to have some 2 or 3 instruments playing along with me when playing piano.
The sound get chopped up in small pcs and swallowed, because polyphony is too small, when having more than 1 part selected from all 16.
Only 1 supernatural instrument can be used at the time, when I asked for support on Roland USA website, they just closed the question without even answering,
i hope there will be some update or improvement in the future

polyphony is so small, is there any upgrade chip?

I do not understand we have dualcore - quadcore - octacore Full HD, but a polyphony of only 128 ??? That is a true shame!

if you decide to buy it, it is good for the studio, and the sounds are nice.
if you plan to use it live it will be very frustrating to you

But there is no better soundmodule out there for now!
i hope roland will learn from there mistake

friendly regards to all fellow musicians

kikiclavier's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not bad. This is Roland."

Roland Integra-7
Rating: 8
Expander. Polyphony 128 notes.


Rating: 8
Quite simple.
The manual was in English. Yet I bought the local music store in France.
I had to download it in French on the website of Roland.
The motion is blah surround use even though it may seem interesting. You must have the system sound reproduction suitable, otherwise it is useless. In a group, we play in stereo, not suitable for intégra7 system.


Rating: 8
I'm not fundamentally fan of his Roland grain.
Realistic sounds on presets "supernatural", but nothing transcendent. These are sounds like others offer. Yamaha and Kurzweil make less noise for more realistic sounds.
There are no new sounds as each new instrument. It's already chewed and digested, even if the choice is there.


Rating: 8

1 year.
I tried several keyboards, but I needed an expander for reasons of space in the home studio, the car and the scene ... The idea of ​​a Motif Rack XS as internet don ' appeal to him, even in the German market leaders. I needed an expander extremely quickly because of the time to configure and close dates of benefits. So I took it in stock.
What I like most:
- More sounds, more than 6,000
- 2 IN input jack 6.35 for an additional instrument
- Usb connection
- All expansion cards Roland
What I like least:
- The grain of his Roland
- Too many sounds that are similar (eg tablecloths, number 1 ....... xx)
- Seem to have made new with the old: in the end, little sounds "supernatural" and jam the entire library of sounds.
- Usb connector incomplete in its functionality: is worse than RD piano can not usb, play midi files. Not integration. Damage.
- Limitation to be able to use 4 cards simultaneously. We must choose among these 4 cards then its set a sound can interest us, but on the fifth card. Damage.
- Really absurd: no editor for PC. Only Mac, I was not able to use, and iPad. This product has a taste frankly not finished and contemptuous for PC users. It is true, there is a free editor for PC. But not provided by Roland.

After 1 year of use, I much prefer him rack motif xs same price.
Besides, I always use it in conjunction with my rack unit (the first model).

G.jourdain's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good but not finished"

Roland Integra-7
I bought this rack because it was 20 years roland in a box.
full of sounds, effects, RAS ...
perfect connection; usb, midi, SPDIF and analog.
the problem starts with the soft editing.


the configue is easy if you want to play sounds.
manual is average ... reasoning nipon! not mine
and back again the question angry!
editing is on ipad. I ... but not stable.


sounds ..; perfect ... there is everything .., may be too!
top ... top .. and for the most part.

pianos, violins, brass, synths, tablecloths ... and company,., we find happiness.


I've had two months;
I know to be ready all that exists to this day.
have, it is useful sustainably.
it was not the "finesse and power of my korg kronos x, but it has the palette allows to have fun without taking cabbage.

pure Finally, the big downside is the edition;
not stable; MIDI leaving us without knowing why the ipad!!
iPad cheche that connection!
not finish this app.
but I keep it because ... 20 years ... roland

giblop's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Incredibly rich"

Roland Integra-7
top top quality quantity


we would have preferred to have access to SRX bypassing the load box
Fortunately the loading time is very short


top quality especially the super natural
a little hard to choose so the choice is vast
to fly with an expressive keyboard with aftertouch


Incredibly rich
expander that will fill you with the quality and the number of sounds available
this is the solution for all expansion cards Roland at lower cost

leclaude30's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great tool"

Roland Integra-7
Master pattern XS6 or oasys 76 keyboard. Interface the Yamaha UX16. 6000 sounds ...!
All Roland sounds in the box ...
I also use it with a wind controller such akai ewi 4000 s


Relatively clear and easy but it is essential to the iPad screen to set or screen PC or Mac (I have the iPad with the free application ... It's really well done)
Without the additional screen editing sounds is very heavy and impractical
Ome stability problems between the iPad and lintegra (GST in GST it wins despite the wired connection)


Supernatural sounds are great, especially the strings and synthesizer (in large numbers)
The integrated 3-dimensional spatial system is awesome and worth it.
The guitars are amazing.
Winds are a little below (except flutes), especially the sax (it's not sample modeling ...)


18 months.
For the pleasure of having the choice between thousands of sounds and space it is worth it.
The set is super pro and robust

Roulian's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not bad, but ..."

Roland Integra-7
Characteristics are tops!


Edit audio from a computer or an iPad, it's really not the stuff of Roland! To date no official editor software from Roland on Windows. And the iPad version does not allow to edit all the sounds of the rack, we forget the edition PCM sounds. The Mac version does not run under OS X 10.9. Oh the guys at Roland, you wake up we are in 2014! It's over 80 years.


The sounds are top, and there are a lot. Must still have easy access, and can be edited easily.


I will not repeat that choice! The selection of apps, to edit the sounds of this missile are really poor. Like I said, no editor windows, iPad app not over, no software vendor either for mac os x 10.9.

Brief have a porsche engine in a 2CV 80 is good, but it was difficult to access resources of the engine from the dashboard.

Lougarou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland Integra-7
Roland expander which includes all the sounds from the first until the last Roland synths technologies Brand Roland.
Expander classic 128-note polyphony, 16 shares multitimbral t1 audio part (A / D inputs).
Now, 16 parts can keep their settings Fx indivifuels, that's not bad! Because it takes in my opinion!
8 assignable stereo outputs, USB, MIDI headphone etc. ....
There is a PC / Pad Utility to manage more easily the machine.


Easy setup, clear menus, you can enter in the edition also easily even without iPad or PC. But Pc integration / iPad is made it is clear and logical.
The manual is clear and sufficient enough, I also know the brand and the latest technology of the brand, it helps! Fx are as usual very well made and effective nonetheless.


Many sounds are VERY obviously we awash in the number but it's still a good idea to "gather" all these sounds, because right now, the music industry is not very rich, I find interesting the idea.
By then against the SUPERNATURAL finally disappointed me. I almost buy it but I tried a Yamaha MOxF6 jute behind and magic SUPERNATURAL fell at once! The Drums are interesting and pianos and EP also extend the range of history but hey ....
it's a mass effect for not as much as can be expected.


But try not to buy headphones and PA system.

The supernatural did not really believe me. The Drums are not bad all the same, the EP, the synth sounds (bass, lead pads etc ...) but the rest is a little too mass effect ....

I advise all the same to Roland Lovers because it is a real library of sounds from Roland always! it's still a good expander for serial arrange / compose.

franck.revolle's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Sublime"

Roland Integra-7
My use:
Software Mac / PC Expresseur (musical instrument computer-aided)
Specialized controllers based microcontrollers (Arduino), via Expresseur.
Using super-natural essentially sound.
Some rare changes on the envelope.
Using controllers to modulate the required sounds.
Using controllers to modify the behavior of super-natural.
polyphony of the order of 2 to 32.
Midi USB connection / PC
Connection 5.1 audio jack mono jack to the Integra 3.5 a 5.1 amp Logitech Z906


Correct general configuration.
Proper Manual (internet).
To order it in sysex, we must bring patience and his computer calculator ...
sound editing: difficult without assistant (but there rested .. 6000).
Too bad that we should juggle slots and banks: we can not have all the banks arranged at the same time.


The sounds are really good. The super-naturals are taping.
The motional surround allows full spatial placement in 5.1, giving a clarity in the audio rendering ...
The banks are very different (the sounds of the world ...). Could all go. 6000 sounds!


Used for a month (waiting for 3 months ..)
After the Roland SD-50, there is no comparison: a much more clear, precise, natural.
Surprise: the optical output of Integra-7 is not 5.1! and does not go into the USB! Only the synthesis stereo out optical and USB? To clarify ...
The purchase decision is made to have eight independent audio channels or 5.1 surround output with super-natural sounds.
The housing is very expensive ... But the quality is there.
This is the only product I know that is what I need, at a high price, but without falling into full unaffordable.

Fred160656's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Could do better"

Roland Integra-7
Synth with over 6000 sounds
SuperNATURAL technology with 'Behavior Modeling' generating acoustic sounds with expressive and joints
Powerful generator synth sounds SuperNATURAL reproducing thick analog sound make and vintage filters
SuperNATURAL drum sounds from the Roland V-Drums modules
Essential sound library of SRX with all the 12 SRX
Equalizer and multi-purpose dedicated to each of the 16 games plus six sets COMP + EQ and battery parameters 'Ambience' for drum kits SuperNATURAL processor
Technology 'Motional Surround' innovative to 17 parts for stereo output, headphone and speaker (5.1 channel)
Applications INTEGRA-7 Editor 'for iPad and' Motional Surround VSTi Editor 'for SONAR


The general configuration is fairly well done, but for me the big downside is the lack of PC editor. In effect Roland has developed a minimalist editor on iOS (the SuperNatural Acoustic part is not preventable).
After several months of waiting Roland finally released an editor on Mac but apparently will not develop PC editor which for me is a gross error of strategy, as the publisher is not essential for keyboard workstations equipped many controls, but the sound editing on an expander such as Integra-7 sound editing without the help of an editor is particularly painful pretty quickly.
This is a big disappointment for me as not being able to quickly adapt to the use of my controller wind (AKAI EWI 4000S) traffic in the menu through the LCD turns fatal.


The sample set is so huge that it was hard to even walk around there are still a lot of duplicates see similar sounds or just a setting has been changed.
Using a powerful editor that expander could very well become the ultimate weapon for users of wind controllers (WX or EWI) the SuperNatural Acoustic sounds are stunning realism that is all the more frustrating unable to adapt to the game of woodwind in the absence of PC editor.
The expression could be fabulous if it were possible to easily edit MIDI controllers it may be possible with the Mac editor but unfortunately not for PC users.
The effects are also very effective and especially different for each MIDI channel which is an improvement over the old expanders brand and other brands.


I have this unit for 4 months and I am more disappointed with the policy and strategy of Roland by Integra-7 itself. Equipped with a real editor (PC) This module could be a real killer unfortunately Roland seems to think that only Mac owners deserve an editor PCistes appreciate.

So to conclude for users AKAI EWI Wind Controllers and YAMAHA WX or go your way and you turn deaf rather reliable values ​​Yamaha MOTIF RACK XS and especially Roland Fantom XR (with banks Mr Patchman) shame Roland mistake as some category of their customers