Roland Jupiter-80

Roland Jupiter-80

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Jupiter-80, Digital Synth from Roland in the Jupiter series.

5 user reviews
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Roland Jupiter-80 review

Roland Jupiter-80 Mini-Review

Roland Jupiter-80 Mini-Review

Stage Master In an era where workstations are more powerful and complex every day, Roland has introduced a large stage synth that uses hybrid technology based on PCM, virtual analog technology and modeling of acoustic instrument behavior. Let's have a closer look... Read more…

Roland Jupiter-80 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Roland
  • Model: Jupiter-80
  • Series: Jupiter
  • Category: Digital Synths
  • Added in our database on: 04/04/2011

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Roland Jupiter-80 user reviews

Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 5 reviews )
 4 reviews80 %
 1 user review20 %
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Studioliv's review"High-powered = 10 JD800 piled up!"

Roland Jupiter-80

To be honest, there's no need for a manual. It's rather easy to use.
Sound editing is pretty traditional. You can start either with a modeled waveform (sine, saw, square, SH, and super saw) or with sampled waveforms from classic and renowned synths, or with a hyper realistic "super acoustic" sound.
I was a bit disappointed to learn that the Jupiter 80 has less "super acoustic" sounds than the Integra.
But the Jupiter is good for purely electronics sounds, as well as for realistic sounds (it has some fabulous brasses).
In terms of electronic sounds, the options are huge...From vintage sounds with character to modern sounds (modern sounds that take from vintage sounds all the same).


The sounds are great for any style of music.
I have almost never heard such a realistic and warm orchestral sound. That's certainly due to the possibility to layer several sounds without too many surprises, given the 256-voice polyphony.
Hence, you can increase the sustain of your pads without the notes being cutoff due to the lack of polyphony voices available.
In this video of mine (, there's a pad with a very long sustain underneath the piano. I can't do that with my other synths that have 128 polyphony voices.
The piano is often criticized...You be the judge of its quality and purity:
That video is worth more than a thousand words. Afterwards, there's not much to say about the piano.
I recently found the samples corresponding to the Strings of the VP330 among the long list of samples. I recognized it by ear, because the name is not too explicit. I compared it to the Xils V+ and the VP330 video, and it's exactly the same sound.
So, you have typical Jupiter 8 and Juno sounds, plus more modern and realistic sounds.
The effects are excellent although I sometimes think they sound cold, metallic. I had to find something negative...Although they are really good, anyway.

The aftertouch is hard! You have to press real hard...A pity! And the LFO modulation is not assignable to the aftertouch...A pity again!

The arpeggiator is not entirely programmable directly from the Jupiter. You need to first create the arpeggio and then import it as a MIDI file. Actually, you can import an arpeggio or an entire chord sequence to accompany a song, because it's a MIDI file. In this video I play the bass with the left hand, the melody with the right, the USB key playbacks the drums in WAV or AIFF and the arpeggiator triggers the chord sequence:
(I know, the sound isn't the best and the image is inverted, but you get the idea)

In short, the Jupiter is truly made for all styles.

It can even be used as a soundcard.

I own a JD800. And the Jupiter 80 is like having ten JD800s piled up! If you know that a performance is made up of four sounds, that you can layer two performances (that's already eight JD800), plus the Solo and Percussion parts, you get the ten JD800!!!


I've had it for a year now. At first, like most people, I asked myself whether buying it had been a bad move. But with time I have come to master it by playing, discovering, comparing. And I don't regret anything now.
Other than the fact that many of my other things sound like toys in comparison...I would love to get a Little Phatty to really boost the quality of my home studio.

It was pretty expensive at first (3300 euros), but now its price is more reasonable (2600 euros). For that price, you can expect a good sounding synth, if it's not a workstation. I am not disappointed at all!
Oliver Sp@rk06/21/2013

Oliver Sp@rk's review"Simply the best!"

Roland Jupiter-80

a) It's really hefty! It's's a Roland!
b) Manual? What manual? It's so intuitive and user-friendly that I haven't even bothered to open it...Once you've understood how the banks are organized (which takes you five minutes), you can start enjoying!
c) Ultra-comprehensive editing, it's simple and intuitive: It's perfect!!!


It's great for all kinds of music, from accordion music to metal, pop and rock! Between the kronos, which obviously features karma (although incontrollable), and the jupiter80 with well-made and effective arpeggios...I wouldn't hesitate a second!

The supernatural sounds, as well the other sounds, are superb. They have punch! And superimposing the layers you get wicked results...I L O V E I T!!!


A small recap: I have the roland juno g, roland fantom x7, korg kronos 61, and now the jupiter 80!

I chose it due to its 76-key keyboard, aftertouch, huge editing possibilities, look ...but also for its ease of use!

I bought a kronos61 earlier his year...and sold it right away! The sound quality is great. The possibilities of the kronos are stupefying and without a doubt better than those of the Jupiter 80 (in terms of sequencer, sampling, etc.)...But unfortunately, it's no fun to have to meddle 30 minutes to program a sound, browsing the unreadable sub-sub-sub-sub-menus. Sound engineers can keep the kronos to themselves...I have only one hour to play music, every second counts!

The Jupiter is a stage keyboard, a sort that's not easy to come by! You can create sounds in less time that you can say it...and not just any sounds! Wow!!!! What a punch!!! Sounds are ultra-realistic!

The Jupiter is perfect for musicians who don't have too much spare time! It turns on in 10 seconds, the display is easily readable, beautiful and precise (unlike the kronos!).

Installing the drivers on a PC poses no issues.

I would've liked to have more connection options on the rear...but other than that, I'm very happy with it!

I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again!

Seith's review"Not bad at all"

Roland Jupiter-80
Sound editing is super intuitive, it's truly powerful and fun.

Korg ought to take note of the vst drivers, they are stable and effective.


Hyper-simple configuration. I had it all under control within 30 minutes.


The sounds are good and it has potential.
Nevertheless, in my opinion, you should have something else too, like a motif or a kronos. It's a great machine, but its range of sounds isn't the best-suited for everything.

It can't be compared to the kronos. I have a kronos x88 and I'm thrilled with it. It's a great unit that allows me to install my vsts. The Jupiter complements it perfectly and has nothing to be ashamed of, but its range of sounds...


So, if you have the money, it's all right.
As for the vsts, I believe it's the beginning of the end. There's nothing new coming out and I have the best: komplete 8 ultimate, omnisphere, etc...The Jupiter and kronos shred them all to pieces easily.

AlanForPresident's review"o my.."

Roland Jupiter-80
The roland Jupiter 80 is a very expensive digital synth, I do not own this, a local producer has one of these and I get the chance from time to time to go to his production lab and mess with his equipment and I have even wrote songs there. After using the Roland Jupiter 80 I really don’t see why they had to make it so expensive, it is a great keyboard without a doubt, and its probably one of the best ones that I have seen from Roland ever, but the price just makes it impossible for the average person to obtain one of these. Also, all the times I have went to guitar center I have never even seen this board on display. The only way I heard about it is because the local producer has it here in town.


Its not the easiest keyboard to get used to, everything with it is complex and indepth. I am not sure if I would want to go through all of those options and menu’s if I had the board here at my house.


The best part about the roland Jupiter 80 is the sounds, thre are so many different sounds that come on it and so many of them are so good . I cant believe how good some of the rhods sound and the basses and the strings are perfect to me. I havent heard strings on any other keyboard sound as good as the did on the Jupiter 80. The strings alone made me want to sell some of my gear so I could afford to get the Jupiter 80. All of the sounds are really thick and full,.


Another Great thing about the Jupiter 80 is the size of the screen is a good size and it’s a color screen. Not all one screen color like the a lot of other boards. It has different colors for different options and it’s a touch screen. I didn’t even know it was a touch screen untill it was pointed out to me. This is a great board and I think any musician would love to have this, but can we really afford it? If you can it’s a no brainer buy it now.

Roland Jupiter-80 news

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Roland launches Axial website with free sounds

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