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All user reviews for the Alesis QS7

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ericthegreat's review"worth it"

Alesis QS7
The Alesis QS7 is a frequency modulation based digital synthesizer. The keyboard spans about four and a half octaves and has both pitch and modulation wheels. It has 1/4 inch outputs and it also has MIDI connections. In addition, this synth is fully polyphonic.


The configuration of the Alesis QS7 can definitely take some getting used to, as there are a lot of different things you can do with this. It both has preset sounds and has the ability to store your own sounds as well. It is easy to toggle between all types of sounds, but will take a little while to understand all the ins and outs of this keyboard. The manual for the Alesis QS7 is pretty complete and is definitely good to have around while you are trying to learn this powerful instrument.


The sounds on the Alesis QS7 are pretty varied, but all have a similar recognizable sound about it. It definitely sounds like the time period in which it came from, which is the 1980s. It is great for dance and pop music, and if you want to get creative you can definitely use it for all types of instruments. The feel of the keyboard is nice and it is very easy to play. The pitch and modulation wheels, and other parameters provide for almost endless possible sounds with this keyboard. Overall, an extremely unique instrument that is a great tool for a wide variety of applications.


I've been using the Alesis QS7 synth for about three years and it is easy to see why it has become a classic. Surprisingly, these are pretty easy to find and aren't really that expensive. So if you are a fan of the sounds on this, it is a pretty easy pick up and is great to have around for both recording and live shows. Overall, the Alesis QS7 is a unique instrument that definitely holds a place in the history of synthesizers.

yoTrakkz's review

Alesis QS7
The Alesis Qs7 is a decent board with some expansion slots and has 76 keys. There are also a few assignable sliders that you can use for what you want within your program. There is no sequencer on this board which makes a lot of people upset, but that’s why you sequence on another piece of gear like your daw. You wouldn’t want to sequence on a screen that’s as small as they are on most synths.


Easy to use, if you don’t understand just pick up the manual it’s very plain and dry. You will have no trouble understanding the manual or the board after you get used to it.


Sounds are great, great brass synths and nice full pads. Most all of the sounds will need to be eq’d though. Most of them wont sit right in your mix unless you take the time to really get some effects on them or to eq out all of the excess noise that’s un needed on the low or on the high end. This is when a good daw comes in hand. Because then you can see just what frequencies the instruments are playing on.


Overall it’s a pretty good sounding board, nothing spectacular here, and the board its self isn’t built to last. So I hope you don’t plan on taking this board a bunch of different places and carrying it all over the place a lot. I am not too sure if the Alesis Qs7 can handle all of the wear and tear of the road. It feels pretty cheap, and if you drop it , it won’t every be the same again. Which kind of upsets me in a synth that’s not really on the cheap end of synths. But it’s a good solid board none the less. Its worth the investment but there is nothing spectacular about this board so for that reason i give it a 6 out of 10.
FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Alesis QS7
A 76-note keyboard with 4 assignable sliders, Very good effects with great routing possibilities. 4 samples per patch. Good lfo's and envelops. Very poor filters with no resonance!! Two expansion slots. 64 notes poly. No arrp or sequencer.

Price paid: £600 New


Very small LCD screen. It takes awhile to learn how to navigate, but fairly easy once mastered.


Excellent sound quality, sounds fit very well into a mix with very little EQ need. Very good patches across the board. Pads are especially good. Not many good lead sounds though.


Fairly poor keyboard, it feels very "plastic". Very sturdy build quality, I have had mine for years with no problems. No idea what the customer support is like.

I really love the sounds of this Rompler synth. It's factory patches are very good. A great workhorse synth.

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: Unknown ( 5-, 2002)