Yamaha DX7
Yamaha DX7

DX7, Digital Synth from Yamaha in the DX series.

Nnstars 09/22/2011

Yamaha DX7 : Nnstars's user review

«  The FM in all this splendor! »

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We will come back on this, refer to other opinions:)


When you have an FM synth, think FM! We must spend a lot of time on the beast to understand the philosophy of programming! It is very often the black people against me comes out this synth. But with a little practice, it's cake!
And if you formatted analog, there is DX Manager on PC, or if you're retro (like me), you must present the Yamaha CX5 with the cartridge to edit the sounds of the DX7 graphics! (That said, good luck to find it: s)
It's true he should have been a little more ergonomic ... but hey!

Otherwise, I use it also master MIDI keyboard. No complaints!


I do not use the usual basic patches, but those of the DX7 are just beautiful!
Really top for: electric piano, bass and groundwater endless!

Even we are surprised by fiddling to fall on its large current electro.

The aftertouch is gorgeous. Velocity as well, unless the keyboard is connected by noon. I think I really have to type like a deaf man to get me to the max. (I probably set too badly: D).


Indestructible! He saw all the colors and it is always at his post! I really carries everywhere. (But really any color water, soda, cold, hot). No I do not mistreat it happened either in concert or was an accident ... :)

Difficult to tame, but once that is done, this synth does everything melt! The sounds are still relevant!
Put the DX Manager or CX5 complement and voila!