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Yamaha Digital Synths user reviews

  • Yamaha Montage 6

    Yamaha Montage 6 - "A terrible disappointment"


    After 3 months spent watching videos and dreaming to lay my hands on this new synth, the day has finally come. As an owner of an MO6 and Motif XS, I really believed the Montage would be Yamaha’s most elaborate synth, but in the end the longer the wa…

  • Yamaha VL1

    Yamaha VL1 - "Still Unsurpassed"


    Even though this synth is over 20 years old, I haven't found any hardware or software synths that can duplicate its quality of sound. From breath-takingly accurate reproductions of wind instruments to hair-raising creepy sci-fi sound effects, it can …

  • Yamaha EX7

    Yamaha EX7 - "Tone Generators"


    The Yamaha EX7 has some really good tone generators and it allows you to sample. I remember when it first came out, it was out of my price range at the time but about 5 years later I ended up getting a great deal on it and had to buy. It has some of …

  • Yamaha S30

    Yamaha S30 - "Similar to the CS6x"


    The S30 is very similar to the CS6x that is also made by Yamaha. The S30 has 64 voices and MIDI capabilities with 256 presets. The presets are great; some of them are stereo samples instruments like acoustic pianos, guitars, strings and analog synths…

  • Yamaha DX1

    Yamaha DX1 - "can work with current music"


    The Yamaha DX1 was a very expensive keyboard when it first came out a long time ago. It was used by many popular bands of the 80’s and even into the 90’s. Today its value is not what it was at that time but it can still be used to make some really co…

  • Yamaha S70 XS

    Yamaha S70 XS - "My favorite"


    I have seen many people use the Yamaha S70 XS as a stage piano and I have also seen it in many studios. My experience with the S70 XS starts in the studio. First thing that I noticed with it was how good it feels to play it, the keys feel great. It …

  • Yamaha S70 XS

    Yamaha S70 XS - "any difference with the S70 and S90?"


    The Yamaha S70 XS is a 76 key synth and it is also considered a stage piano. It has over 1,000, but it will take some time to get use to. It was not an easy keyboard to understand for the simple fact that it is set up differently then previous S mode…

  • Yamaha S90 XS

    Yamaha S90 XS - "Great sounding patches"


    The Yamaha S90 XS is a 88 key synth with a stage piano as well, it has over 1000 voices as well as a built in USB drive and on board DAW controls that can either be used with a Mac or a PC (any version of Windows). At first glance looking at this boa…

  • Yamaha DX7

    Yamaha DX7 - "may buy again"


    This digital synth will provide you with the sounds that you need to spark your creativity anytime you start working on a new song. I remember using this synth back in 08, and I used it for about a year and loved every minute of it. It has all of the…

  • Yamaha S90 XS

    Yamaha S90 XS - "good pro board"


    I just recently sold a Fantom Xa, XP-30, Korg X-50, and a Yamaha AN1x. Now I have only this board and I can pretty much get any sounds I had before out of just this one board. It is a great sounding synth but the pianos are the best I have ever playe…