Yamaha DX9
Yamaha DX9

DX9, Digital Synth from Yamaha in the DX series.

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bolinox 11/11/2014

Yamaha DX9 : bolinox's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
digital synth.
I do not remember how many there are key. he is in his box and I do serves more.
5-pin socket twelve o'clock. small input jack for sound on K7. sustain pedal etc ...
pitch, breath control modul + (you blow into a device for modul, I personally find it pretique)
pure technical characteristics but I will not detail it has everything.


good interface to the sounds. must say it is as basic synth.
editing sounds is really special.
it works on algorithms with operator who deal with superposition, juxtapositions, etc .. 8 4 operators algorithms I think.
it's a little tricky at first but then it's really interesting to make sounds. I would even say it's more exciting. I APRIS much on the composition of a sound with it.
bank of 20 sounds if I remember ...
then to the memory of sounds it's really picked it up .. it is stored on k7 that is read by the dx. it is a bit more laborious it is very sensitive to the nival at the time of transfer. it often crashes. you can do the reverse: save your own sounds on K7.


not sensitive keyboard. sounds are good and varied.


I have since 1983 or 84 I know more. I play keyboard ... more
before I had the mythical juno6 (I'd like a still)
to sum up. if you have the opportunity to take a dx7 dx9 rather than do it.
for storing sounds, algorithms operators more, the touch-sensitive keypad and many other things.
Now, if there is a good price, it's an interesting keyboard.
can compensate for the lack of touch sensitive volume with a pedal. simple and reliable keyboard.
I do've never complained. (Except perhaps for the transfer of sound.)