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inno 789 06/29/2014

Yamaha QS300 : inno 789's user review

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For features I 'm not dwell on the subject see in preceding reviews ... google ...


Yes like most synths I imagine must take a minimum time to read ... also for effects etc.


In my case yes sounds frankly there are very good between another "first" mode "user" ... the synths .... elelectriques guitars "steve" "vai" "feedback" pretty good not lot of sounds that I found interesting, etc. so I will not list them all ... a critical tite the while I think about for flutes in "XG" that I have not found the top ... but probably taking time to make adjustments apply effects it can improve s ... otherwise see "pre" mode (bottle lead) .. and fashion "user" see if there is more I have it since not even a week and I have not yet peeled back I got in the complement


So I have the last few days ... and bought complement seen the price at which you can currently find at about 100 € worth it ... apparently at about "1500 €" (al age was on the franc but equivalent of this award in nine of the comments after that I have been able to read) so do not hesitate! Sequencer 16 tracks with a lot of effects and sounds good to exploit malgres that it is of 1996/97 I think ...
I just post here about the sequencer with respect to a portion of a review above
I just clarify that it is quite possible to use any sound recording contrary to what I have read in a com that says you can only use the sounds "XG" and not the others ... just in "SONG" mode select on the screen down al keys under the screen "MULTI" then "VOICES" and all the tracks 1 to 16 appear with writing "XG" on each of them, to the the keys to the right of the screen with the mouse you get the symbol "XG" and you turn the knob up to what it changes to "PRE" or "U.S." or "FX" Now it remains
Right to choose the sound you want by selecting "SRCH" at the bottom of the screen to the right with "F. .." buttons under the screen where all the sounds on the mode you have selected appear Move with the round dial. .. the name of the sound you want to press "ENTER" 2 times then "EXIT" to return to the basic al screen you can press "RECORD" and "RUN" and you play aves set track 1 with the sound you want in the "PRE" mode, "U.S.", "FX" rest now do the same for the other tracks.
It may seem complicated can be the reading but do it once and then c is easy to remember