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patachew 12/29/2008

Yamaha QS300 : patachew's user review


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The technical specifications are entered on the advice Previous.


The configuration and gnrale edition is simple for a yamaha synth as often in the manual is complete, the above ... nothing wrong In addition, the widescreen allows easy reading of all this.


The sounds range from the grandiose (some combis, some instruments) to the downright bad. We can dplorer there is no acoustic piano sounds REALLY convincing. But most of the synth sounds of the mode are well made, even electric guitar solo that kill (the sound and Steve Vai as if by accident;)).

Overall the sounds are good, even if it is not at a Kurzweil. Touch with and against as is unfortunately often the case on this type of product is bad, too soft. To say I play on the keyboard of my master keyboard ...
The effects are rather effective and Submitted.

In rsum sounds are so good, despite the lack of ism of certain sounds, there are sounds that will make you tripper for sure. Certainly it's not a pattern seen his age, but it is far from looking bad, sounds are good I put 9 for sound, because in terms of synth is a good rev, with varied sounds s deep, which they mix with no problem and a possibility of standard edition.


I use it for 2 months, I like the synth part and the part sequencer expander, as the opinions Previous INTERESTED prcise is less of a purely sonic level. Part sequencer arranger is honest but only XG, which is a shame because otherwise this trs nit t have a killer ... It is worth the price of its rating because it's still a good synth with trs sequencer and arranger bonus (but XG). With exprience, I do not have that choice referrer and more direct me to a K2000 as a matter of sound.