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mangalore 12/21/2009

Yamaha QS300 : mangalore's user review


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my first keyboard
5 oct/61 notes
connectivity UNESCORecords
ditables sounds (but almost useless)
32 voice polyphony
wheel round off pitch / mod classic Yamaha
no publisher given (1995)


very good memories of the environment, edition of drumkits, sounds, effects, short yes correct for the config and Publishing: submenu usual manual ok


Some really nice pads: I replayed the web of "The Road To Lostwithiel" by Brian Transeau, some sort of a gimmick or other CS1X based DB50XG
recollection of a piano not too nice hands GPs
xylose and some sounds typs "acute" not bad
Bass (all) le total
Drum kits misrables: all! even remember 2 patches named "808" and "909" carrment anecdotal, almost funny. (See CS1X)
on the whole, the totality of the stamps / waveforms SUPER ROTTEN! (PSE and I my words)
filter and LFO ... misricorde like any of the "matrix" of synthesis and the PCM AWM2 whole.
The multi-purpose oddly correct and nice (reverb / phaser / flanger / delay ..)
The display (blue) with display the correct envellope ect ..
System Oprating well done at all in ergonomics
average keyboard, soft touch, but not bad compared to the Roland: inherited both of DX, SY ..
squenceur / arranger fun but not for long and frustrating fast
Pretty brown but mtalliscostaud mga heavy and yet almost all-plastok "which craind scratches
knob (flat) not bad, but "jumps" with values ​​that panic (super boring), hard buttons and noisy

Unlike the publicity of era: does the name of Tekno ..: almost impossibility of even doing something like "trance" that makes sense except perhaps with distortion and a 02R Protools an ass (and again)

j'tait entousiaste saw that it was my first "synth" that I knew nothing at all and especially my first contact with a Yamaha c'tait fact, but must be honest: even in one of Pot-selling super state 50 the end of nostalgia I Rasht not! short, go your way, especially if you like real synths ....
Since I had some other keyboards latest issue recently and I have a real DX7 2D, is not 16 shares and 32 voice poly, but its level is not the same DEFINITIONS!


gard 2 years (form) and because I am attached to my tools, but sold without any regret.
no, premre BCAN
as: multi-purpose
minimum: the sounds "squeaker squeaker," the squenceur "spcial migraine / colr crisis"
bought the 1500 era: not carrment, super bad report Klitprix!

ps: then when I still think only a few feet of the store, was a civil-sale here must truffle JX, Juno Koblo, Elka ect and I eyeing for the same price on a super Jupiter8 clean rvis attracted me .... I still hurt.