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Numark DJ CD Players user reviews

  • Numark iDJ3

    Numark iDJ3 - "Have they made the updates yet?"


    The Numark iDJ3 was a unit that I was very fond of at first site. It is small and very portable, and will work with an iPhone. There is an iPhone dock right in the middle of it and the main reason that I wanted this console was so I didn’t have to ta…

  • Numark MP103USB

    Numark MP103USB - "Works with any system"


    The Numark MP103 is a professional USB CD player that can be racked. The price of this rackable unit is very reasonable considering some of the similar models that have the same specs cost about 25 percent more. This unit has great features that got…

  • Numark NDX400

    Numark NDX400 - "Good"


    The Numark NDX 400 was in my set up from around the summer of 2011 up until the summer of 2012. It help up very good and never gave me any issues. The only issue that I would encounter with it is with the CD’s. They had to be pretty much flawless wi…

  • Numark iDEC

    Numark iDEC - "For audio or video"


    The Numark iDec is a rackmountable iPod player and recorder. The dock on it is pretty universal for your MP3 style players. All you have to do is put your iPod on the dock and you will be able to play your songs out loud or your videos on a external …

  • Numark CDX 1

    Numark CDX 1 - "works like a charm"


    The Numark CDX 1 is a table top do unit that has a record player type of feel to it, for the old school DJ’s switching over to CD’s and mp3’s this unit is perfect for you. Just slide your cd in the front loading dock and you can start scratching wit…

  • Numark NDX400

    Numark NDX400 - "worth it, invest!"


    I have used the Numark NDX 400 on several occasions , though I do not own this unit at the current time but a friend does and I get the chance to use it a lot. I have ready no manual for this device and can use all of the functions without a problem.…

  • Numark AXIS-9 CR

    Numark AXIS-9 CR - Audiofanzine FR's review


    I've been using them for four years with a Numark DXM 06 mixer. Easy-to-use and practical decks. My opinion after four years of use: Pros: - User friendly - CDs are quickly loaded - CD tray illumination - Reliable in spite of heavy vibrations and …

  • Numark AXIS-4

    Numark AXIS-4 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    Originally written by djbabydrive on Audiofanzine FR. Despite the sentimental value (they are my first DJ decks), I can honestly say that even while being a low-budget product they are one of the best decks for beginners, IMO. Excellent loop…

  • Numark CDX 1

    Numark CDX 1 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    Originally written by Audiovisual on Audiofanzine FR. I've been using them for one year. I use them every day. One day, I forgot to close my window with the CDX right underneath it. When I came back home I almost passed out. I turned it upside down …

  • Numark AXIS-8

    Numark AXIS-8 - FP User's review


    Overall pleased with the model, not the best cratch wheel to play with. Loop features are good Price paid 300 Great sound quality easy to use, the scrath isn't the best works great with 2 and a mixer Originally posted on Pos…