Numark iCDMIX 3
Numark iCDMIX 3

iCDMIX 3, All-in-one DJ player from Numark.

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StephMarty 11/01/2014

Numark iCDMIX 3 : StephMarty's user review

«  good - very pro »

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Value For Money : Excellent
is used from time to time in concert last year (waiting music tapes)

this is our second model, the first had no scratch and consisted of two parts (cd and table), much less convenient to use

what we like: it responsiveness, reliability, compactness / practice its functions, dock to connect an ipod or ipad iphone much better audio jack. suitcase (flight case) Meeting is also very well designed.

this is a very good value for money, besides the dealer from whom it was purchased, used for its locations.