Numark iCDMIX 3
Numark iCDMIX 3

iCDMIX 3, All-in-one DJ player from Numark.

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vdpmichel 09/22/2011

Numark iCDMIX 3 : vdpmichel's user review

«  exellent product. easy and pro. »

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I just buy a mix icdmix3 table.
j I bought this mixer after al purchase; 6 years ago of the plate of a cdmix numark.etant very satisfied with this last, I have definitely bought the new table icdmix3. that compared to the first, reads the cd also ipods
j I bought this table in VPCSONO. fr on a table was 369 euros. j benfica have a reduction of 10% by the seller, and free shipping.
I recommend this seller. very pro. and serious, al listen to its customers
(Vpc PA). located in Normandy. (sale on) the Internet
j had a doubt about some features of this board ...... I like the wave cds. or wav! nero on burning. (I am self mixes cds) but some decks .. s stop at the end of the first song .. not continue reading .... This problem is well known on the forums Nero Burning ....... but nobody gives the solution to the problem, and accuse nero ..... not to provide a correct software ......... .
So after having said, my problem vendeur.j bought this board .. and if I had not read the function continues, I would refer my purchase, as required by law, on the purchase of a product by mail order. (7 days to return the product and be reimbursed. j I received my icdmix3. / and tries its various functions ... no problems CDs are read one by one, if you put the SINGLE TOUCH. and cd continuous play If you put off the SINGLE button. so no problems. my mixed cd with nero burning continuously and read ... no holes ... or dead time between the two mixes maorceaux ....
Finally, I keep my purchase .... .. and I found the opportunity to read my cds mixes with the Nero software .. and I hoped my comment to serve a lot of people ...