Numark CDX 1
Numark CDX 1

CDX 1, Tabletop DJ player from Numark.

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DEEJAY MY'Z 04/08/2014

Numark CDX 1 : DEEJAY MY'Z's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Released in 2004, Numark has surprised everyone with this concept CD player touched the real vinyl. A single plate are kind with many features, very expensive at the time but which has suffered as often in new technical concepts especially for early versions worries.

At first sight and as often Numark is massive, bouré electronics, much less glamorous and vintage Technics that's for sure but it's nice anyway. To make a quick description I would say that output levels is very well supplied with RCA connectors for connection, very well thought out when we know that the cable connections to botch force. I had MK2, I had changed to stronger. For the rest MIDI IN / OUT digital output. MP3 CD player, wheel and display track on a small dial. The pich is very sensitive 06/12/25 and 100%, Mutli phaser effects wheel, sonar, slide, echo, filter and chop and loop function in real time very well done and facille to use. The tray is raised and the real hit vinyl is stunning!

The sound level is a very good deck, no slowdown, no bugs (if it works properly), the effects are very well rendered. The player supports MP3 quickly enough, it will me I'm lucky to have a CDX that does not fatigue, but I know that the player had been changed before I got it. To mix the pitch is quite sensitive, rather than on the TTX, BPM is displayed on the dial. The "false" vinyl responds perfectly, I do not feel any difference with a traditional deck is awesome ... and it is even more for the scratch because I have not bought the CDX for vraimment mixer.

Indeed side scratching! It is enjoyable for the little that the heavier tray Numark preferred. Personal I do not like what is too fluid as Technics (except for mixing), so is the cross fader tables, I prefer a little more resistant as being quite bourin I find more detail in my phases . It's really impressive because it not idle, it is very accurate and well transcribed ... basically it's the pleasure of a break beat, without wear, without the cell that ... in short jumps can donfff go! I made some easy CD chopper on the net in MP3 Tools, I coupled to a Vestax CDX MPC 07 Pro and I use a PC to send Loopers ( .. and I scratch until cramp ensues ... basically I'm having a kid!

Overall, this is sure to mix with Serato Rane new tables, and all the business Taktor DJ today, nowadays buy CDX it seems unthinkable and then the CD is a little has been. on the other hand for those who especially love scratch alone or accompanied, those who do not want to put in the final set 2000Euros DJ fashionable and do not want to start with a Gemini table or SYNQ platinum, those who do not want to s 'emerder find breakbeat still drinking, or tired of the cell that jumps, a CDX 150euros listening today! In other words: shit! A good table or 200euros 300euros on occasion ... for less than 500 bullets just find happiness without losing quality! I do not regret my acquision even if in the future I dirigearais closer to the model above, the ultimate weapon ... the Numark HDX Hard Drive with its ... more for its aesthetic side, I must say. good .. but easy to find cheap final prix.Au not I'm glad I managed to give a second life to the CDX!