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Denon DJ SC3900

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Denon DJ SC3900

Denon DJ introduces the SC3900: Digital Turntable and Media Controller with 9-inch Active Platter.

Utilizing a redesigned High-Torque Direct Drive Motor designed to mirror the feel of vinyl, the SC3900 features a choice of CD, USB, Software, or even a networked Media server as your source of tracks.


Playback and scratch tracks from various sources including USB ‘sticks’ or USB Hard Disk Drives via the top mounted USB port. This allows the move from venue to venue with just a single USB device and not a laptop or CD collection, although the SC3900 can also playback CDs via the front loading CD slot.


The SC3900 also comes with the new ‘Engine’ music management software. You can prepare your set in the studio or on a computer at home, then export it to a USB stick or Hard Disk Drive. Then, when it’s time to perform you can plug in and play, and share the USB drive’s files with up to three other compatible players over a network. Once your networked players are sharing the music from one USB device, you can manage, cue, and play to any player via an iPad with the new Engine iPad app (requires downloading from the App Store). Engine for iPad lets you control your set wirelessly through a network via its colour touchscreen.  Should the iPad disconnect, your music is still connected to the player via USB, leaving playback uninterrupted.


Hybrid MIDI mode is included. With the ability to be MIDI mapped to work with a variety of applications, the SC3900 can control DJ software utilizing DVS, without using time code CDs.


For more details, check out Denon.

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