DJ-Tech I-Mix Reload
DJ-Tech I-Mix Reload

I-Mix Reload, MIDI Control Surface for DJ from DJ-Tech.

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matam2000 01/02/2010

DJ-Tech I-Mix Reload : matam2000's user review


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I use this controller dj for 3 months in my home studio which has a keyboard m audio x session pro + audio + m + 2 a padKONTROL Korg Numark TT500 + a + Rodec scratchbox running a MacBook with a vci 100 + serato + 8 + traktor + live kore etc etc. .... ) And the last p'tite iMix reload I'll talk to you today!

the +
the jogs are very sensitive and once properly set to the mapping (sensivity and rotary encoding) and sensitivity as well and are using it for killing a small scratch (cross smooth parameter or sharp)
LEDs red blue and yellow / orange is unclear to see the activity or inactivity of one or more controls.
the. trackwheel search for songs (very accurate and faster than simple buttons)
baucoup pots fader assignable buttons (a bit more than I think vci 100 announced) and fully configurable with sections thoughtful .. eg section lopp and hot cue on each side with a party on the top left efx / play pause cue down each side of the controller etc etc. .... the whole is of course now assign a wish ...
The -
property on the plastic shell is a true metallic faceplate'll have been welcome (but for the price we'll not blame him too) and it is quite Quait PVC ABS so good ...
always apparent fragility of the fader but I think it's more the plastic part that makes this ...
(Me I customized my iMix knob with better quality than most design and nicknames imitation aluminum cross faders and always with the best quality materials and nicer to the eye)
I also removed the front stalled for two pieces of aluminum on each side of the cross to reduce the space between the breakpoint and openness of its mode cut ... (Less than a millimeter now what can scratch more precisely to the nose dirty style crab etc. .... plus the cross is so flexible Assé Assé handy (not that the south wind vci but he is doing really well ) ...

few ... I have a vci 100 / Xponent (test) / hercules tjs handy when there is a lack of input / output! / X session pro I use to control the effects sections baucoup .... and others focused on the sequencing and prod ... but we talk about the DJ controller!

The report will money! 180 euro bought nine is the big plus of this control surface which offers us a price that the two jogs touch of good quality control of many different (knobs / faders / buttons) of the LEDs of different colors + remarkable precision

edito small binding that I find this quite effective surface for scratching and electro mix ... she rises to the height of a vci 100 without its precious metal shell course and the knobs for better quality but 200 euro difference does it make anyway ... Cheros roughly the vci 100 has better quality exterior materials but the internal electronics is the same ...
(I opened the two to get an idea ...)

I would do the same choice on it but being on that in time it takes both my vci
but I counsel any and all who want reasonably investire a DJ control surface without being constrained in its creativity

peace all!