Hercules DJ Console 4-Mx
Hercules DJ Console 4-Mx
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Hercules DJ Console 4-Mx

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Hercules announced the newest version of their DJ Console line for Pro DJs, the DJ Console 4-Mx, a controller featuring large jog wheels (each equipped with touch sensor) a built-in audio interface tailored for DJing, and control over 2 and 4 virtual decks.


The DJ Console 4-Mx has steel and aluminium crafted body with a variety of controls including 89 controls in 2-deck mode and 150 controls in 4-deck mode.


Jog wheels
• 4.7" in diameter x ¾ " in height jog wheels
• Detection Sensors
• Backlit Indicator in the center of each jog wheel
• External Ring for additional control


• Portable Dimensions - 15.75" x 9.8" in size
• 3 clearly distinct sections


• Multiple Controls
• The effects/loops/Hot Cue zone
• Control Customization Option
• Pitch Faders


Built-in audio, for fusion with DJ gear
• 2 independent stereo outputs on the back panel, for mixing and previewing tracks:

  • 4 RCA connectors to connect a hi-fi system or a mixer
  • 4 mono jack connectors (6.35mm) to connect PA gear, with a Ground Lift switch on outputs 1-2 (in the event of a ground loop)
  • 1 stereo jack connector (6.35mm) for headphones, with the user’s choice of one connector on the top of the console, or one on the front panel

• 2 analog stereo inputs (4 RCA inputs) to connect audio sources:

  • 4 input levels: phono level (for vinyl turntables), consumer line level (-10dBv, for MP3 players), pro line level (+4dBu, for studio gear), and boosted pro line level (+8dBu, for the most powerful DJing CD players)
  • 1 microphone input, with talk-over function, with the user’s choice of one connector on the top of the console, or one on the front panel


2 modes: mix on 2 or 4 virtual decks
• 2 Standard Decks
• In 4-Deck Mode- the console sends more than 150 different commands to the software
• Extra Controls and Customization


Pricing & Availability

The Hercules DJ Console 4-Mx will be will available from November 22, 2010 at an SRP of $449.99.

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