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SCS.4DJ, MIDI Control Surface for DJ from Stanton Magnetics.

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Stanton SCS.4DJ Gets Updated OS

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Stanton Magnetics announces updated system software, SC-IX Version 2.0 and a new offline music file analyzer, QuickGrid software, for its SCS.4DJ Digital DJ Mixstation.

Track Analysis with QuickGrid and SC-IX Version 2.0

Stanton’s QuickGrid software is designed to make it possible for PCs and MACs to do the track analysis work offline at high speeds. It also allows PCs and MACs to function as a central repository for your music waveforms, making creation of multiple USB drives easy. Users can also prepare USB drives to be used with the SCS.4DJ before a gig from the QuickGrid application. SC-IX Version 2.0 also offers association with QuickGrid’s database (2GB per minute), meaning databases made with QuickGrid can be used with a one-time scanning process.

SC-IX version 2.0 has added the option to turn off background analysis. This is designed to allow users to have the processing power of the SCS.4DJ available when performing. When you do need to analyze on the SCS.4DJ, unanalyzed songs that are loaded to a deck will be analyzed first, allowing beat synched features such as SYNC and Loops to be available as soon as possible.


Browsing Changes

Switching between the different screen types is now said to be 25 percent faster when dealing with large collections. The PLAYLISTS screen now returns to whichever PLAYLIST view was last shown, letting users who prefer to work directly from their saved playlists. A playlist generation tool is now available, allowing users to create playlists that reflect the directory structure on their attached USB devices. This allows browsing by folder directory, providing a familiar way of navigating your drives.


Beat Grid Changes

In addition to the ability to shift the beat grid to line up your beats the way you want them (first introduced in the version 1.4.1 update), the beat grid lines are now adjusted when the BPM is doubled or halved.


Performance Changes

With Version 2.0 backspins are said to sound more accurate like a real turntable. High speed seek is changed, allowing for better navigation through your tracks.


New Inputs and Outputs

The audio outputs of the SCS.4DJ have also been renewed. Users will experience a +6dB boost in their headphone output, for club-ready volumes. For those using a lower-output mic, a boost setting in the SCS.4DJ’s system menu is now offered.


Additional Changes

More Auto-DJ settings are offered with 2.0 including options for no tempo change when doing an Auto-DJ transition. Recording functionality has been also renewed, providing more reliable recording output on slower speed drives. The MIDI mode for the SCS.4DJ has been changed to provide smoother more accurate tracking using the jog wheels, according to Stanton.



The QuickGrid software is currently available for Windows with a Mac OSX version being released in the next few weeks. Both the SC-IX Version 2.0 update and the new QuickGrid software are available as free downloads from the Stanton website,

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