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  • New Pioneer CDJ-900NXS player

    New Pioneer CDJ-900NXS player

    11/20/13 in Pioneer CDJ-900NXS

    Pioneer introduced the new generation of CD players for DJ, the CDJ-900NXS, an evolution from the CDJ-900 that ships with the rekordbox software.

  • Reloop RP-8000 turntable and controller
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    Reloop RP-8000 turntable and controller

    09/16/13 in Reloop RP-8000

    Reloop unveiled this week-end at BPM Show 2013 the new products that will be launched this winter, including the RP-8000 hybrid turntable.

  • Denon DJ updates Engine to v1.1.0

    Denon DJ updates Engine to v1.1.0

    06/26/13 in Denon DJ Engine

    Denon DJ announces the v1.1.0 update for its Engine management software for the SC2900 and SC3900 players and controllers.

  • Pioneer CDJ-850-W & DJM-850-W Announced

    Pioneer CDJ-850-W & DJM-850-W Announced

    09/10/12 in Pioneer DJM-850-S

    The CDJ-850-W and DJM-850-W have the same features as the original CDJ-850 and DJM-850, in a white finish.

  • Denon DN-D4500 USB Upgrade

    Denon DN-D4500 USB Upgrade

    09/10/12 in Denon DJ DN-D4500

    Denon has added USB integration to the DN-D4500.

  • Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus

    Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus

    09/07/12 in Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus

    Pioneer unveils the CDJ-2000nexus, a multiplayer compatible with rekordbox software on iPhone, iPodtouch and iPad, Android smartphones and tablets.

  • Gemini DJ CDJ 650 Shipping

    Gemini DJ CDJ 650 Shipping

    08/29/12 in Gemini DJ CDJ 650

    Gemini recently announced that they are now shipping the CDJ-650.

  • Denon DJ SC2900

    Denon DJ SC2900

    06/14/12 in Denon DJ SC2900

    Denon DJ announces its new SC2900 controller.

  • Gemini CDJ 700 Review
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    Gemini CDJ 700 Review

    05/07/12 in Gemini DJ CDJ-700

    Today, every DJ gear manufacturer wants a piece of the control surface market. That's why Gemini decided to introduce now a versatile, fully featured CD deck. The CDJ 700 is a very appealing product with a look that recalls the Pioneer CDJ 900 — plus it has almost the same features and a much lower price. Let's check out if the newcomer can compet…

  • [Musikmesse] Gemini CDM 3650 & 3250

    [Musikmesse] Gemini CDM 3650 & 3250

    03/25/12 in Gemini DJ CDM-3650

    Gemini introduces the new CDM-3650 table top dual deck MP3/CD player as well as the CDM-3250.