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  • Vestax PDX-3000 MKII

    Vestax PDX-3000 MKII

    05/27/10 in Vestax PDX-3000 MKII

    Vestax announced a new direct drive turntable, the PDX-3000 MKII.

  • [Musikmesse] Pioneer CDJ-350 CD Player

    [Musikmesse] Pioneer CDJ-350 CD Player

    03/23/10 in Pioneer CDJ-350

    Along with the Pioneer DJM-350, the Pioneer CDJ-350 CD Player is designed to bring some specialties of the Club Standard products to the entry level DJ.

  • Pioneer CDJ-900

    Pioneer CDJ-900

    03/03/10 in Pioneer CDJ-900

    The CDJ-900 is Pioneer's new Tabletop Multi Player.

  • RIP: Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3

    RIP: Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3

    03/01/10 in Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK3

    With the release of the CDJ-2000 this news doesn't really comes as a surprise but Pioneer have announced that the CDJ-1000 has come to an end.

  • Numark iCDMIX 2 CD Player/Mixer

    Numark iCDMIX 2 CD Player/Mixer

    01/28/10 in Numark iCDMIX 2

    Numark announced the availability of its iCDMIX 2 integrated CD player mixer system.

  • DN-X1700 & DN-S3700 in Stores

    DN-X1700 & DN-S3700 in Stores

    01/11/10 in Denon DJ DN-S3700

    Denon DJ has announced the availability of two new professional DJ products with the arrival in stores of its DN-X1700 mixer and DN-S3700 digital media turntable.

  • Denon DJ Ships the DN-S700

    Denon DJ Ships the DN-S700

    12/29/09 in Denon DJ DN-S700

    Denon DJ is now shipping its new DN-S700 Tabletop CD/MP3 Disc Player.

  • New Denon DJ S3700 Firmware

    New Denon DJ S3700 Firmware

    09/12/09 in Denon DJ DN-S3700

    New S3700 firmware has been released (v.1300) that improves minor bugs reported.

  • Pioneer Pro DJ Rebates

    Pioneer Pro DJ Rebates

    09/11/09 in Pioneer CDJ-1000

    Pioneer Pro DJ is offering special rebates this Fall.

  • Compactlab Presents compactdecks

    Compactlab Presents compactdecks

    04/20/09 in Compactlab compactdecks

    Compactlab has introduced its compactdecks design of a turntable deck with three integrated turntables to play loop or regular vinyl records.