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Vestax DJ players user reviews

  • Vestax CDX-05

    Vestax CDX-05 - aitd's review


    At the present moment the best sound and touch scratch on a CD (with ttm01 biensure)! Again thank you Vestax (especially compared to a cdj 1000, which are really nice, but CARREMENT too expensive, it may be because he is scoring above looool mk2) …

  • Vestax PDX-2000 MKII Pro

    Vestax PDX-2000 MKII Pro - black mamba's review


    Used for 8 months, to mix and scratch intensive !!!!! (3h/day) plateau lowered relative to the PDX-2000, the arms take off even with a very low adjustable on the disc, very good engine, buttons and quality do not deteriorate over time unlike the SL…

  • Vestax QFO

    Vestax QFO - aitd's review


    - How long have you use it? About 3 months. - What is the particular feature you like best and least? Maybe the price just lev a small round while 1000 could do, but right now there is the "QFO LE" for a (899). - Have you tried many other…

  • Vestax PDX-2300

    Vestax PDX-2300 - mano44's review


    A TT 500 2300 OR PDX? The choice is difficult …

  • Vestax PDX-D3

    Vestax PDX-D3 - mio59's review


    I used it for a year or in the bar I was working, if I do not buy hast c is a Cauz their price at the time (nine 800euros). I find these decks gniales, the shape of the plate is I find it super pratik if done right away. the couple is very interest…

  • Vestax CDX-05

    Vestax CDX-05 - djack_5's review


    I have been using 2semaines and have done an evening with. Of pure happiness ... The effects are simply magical especially the flange which can increase or decrease effect sync. The cue point responds well to wait for my cue and the other three are i…

  • Vestax PDX-2300 MK2

    Vestax PDX-2300 MK2 - NoLive's review


    <p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>How long have you use it?</span> Since a Journe! lol I really love this deck, I had tried several times before, and frankly that's positive! I possdais forward STR8 80 (which are trs bine to start), and the…

  • Vestax PDX-2300

    Vestax PDX-2300 - Dr Driller's review


    I use it now for about 1 month. - I love the weight and especially the strength of the plate, the pitch is also ultra convenient. - I like less than I'd like to pitch a little more "hard". I had 6 years of gemini pt2200, I have a lot of mix o…

  • Vestax PDX-2000

    Vestax PDX-2000 - djcrazyhands's review


    Hahahaha You and your design you made me laugh when you see the Mk2 is not better, finally good, in short it is a bomb, bullet for scratcher, mixer, I know because I too not too many, very ergonomic (except one pitch hard enough for my taste), if n…

  • Vestax PDX-A1 MK2

    Vestax PDX-A1 MK2 - ninjafada's review


    I would drop it for the world, lots of torque, has not move, 8 because the stop is a bit allatoire. …