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  • Vestax QFO LE

    Vestax QFO LE - stik_133's review


    Hello, APRS years of turntablism, and a lot of trial and mixers Platoche I DCID to buy a "trick" which really suited me. I use this board for one week, so I have no ide of his life but I think with an engine and a cross PDX 2000 Pro III of 05 y…

  • Vestax PDX-2000

    Vestax PDX-2000 - tgvvert's review


    Hello, I am totally delighted with this deck for over three years already! Indeed Vestax dissociated centering and drive the board to a precision off-standard, with plastic molded shell is hollow and filled with insulation to eliminate noise and ru…

  • Vestax PDX-2300 MKII pro

    Vestax PDX-2300 MKII pro - mokom's review


    Hello band lit the turntable, So to know that info I just récup'la PDX-pil hair two weeks after having filed for service from a dealer known on the side of St Ouen ... It's the bomb because they said it would be p-E Long (the guy came to explain…

  • Vestax PDX-2300 MKII pro

    Vestax PDX-2300 MKII pro - potter's review


    How long have you use it? 2 weeks (yes I know my c is short I will not let go) What is so special that you like most and least? most: the ultra pitch, you mixed a + 15 and kept the same precision, not a pitch + 16 on the same race that Augus…

  • Vestax PDX-2300 MKII pro

    Vestax PDX-2300 MKII pro - veedjee's review


    How long have you use it? For about 6 months What is so special that you like best? - High-performance engine, with an on / off (adjustable to create some effects) almost instantaneous. - The mini joystick allows precise control of ultra-…

  • Vestax PDX-D3

    Vestax PDX-D3 - ka58's review


    Dsl, I n pa had seen …

  • Vestax PDX-2000 MK II

    Vestax PDX-2000 MK II - IamJones's review


    This plate has a touch of technics diffrent very, very, very rigid. It has a rgale use the fingers to feel the torque and stiffness of the whole. It is incredible use scratch / juggling and seems to be limited as the turntable. As for the mix, i…

  • Vestax PDX-D3

    Vestax PDX-D3 - deejay paulo's review


    I address ka58 who filed an advert for the Vestax PDX D3. According to the regulations, it is written in black and black on white; "You will not post any classified ad in the opinions. There is a classifieds section made for it." Thank you to respe…

  • Vestax CDX-05

    Vestax CDX-05 - s1ider's review


    This wonder is full of function! Scratch (not too handy when same), breack (adjustable braking effect), reverse, 3 effects (flange, filter and delay) with the possibility of self-synchronization tempo, pitch and master tempo with an amplitude Standar…

  • Vestax PDX-2300 MK2

    Vestax PDX-2300 MK2 - aitd's review


    Thank you to Vestax turntables also great, it'll be all !!! …