Vestax PDX-2000
Vestax PDX-2000

PDX-2000, Turntable from Vestax in the PDX series.

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FP User 10/31/2008

Vestax PDX-2000 : FP User's user review


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The features are innovative and precise... the straight arm is well suited for the mixologists and the obvious scratch dj. 10% and the ulta pitch, and clever pop up light very intelligent. brake adjustement is useul for extraordinary tricks, and if the start is set to the fastest u can cue witout useing ure palm...

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pretty straight foward, depending on which needle is being used, a concorde or a cart can be used on straight arms but better precision with the straight arm.

manual is pretty accurate and informative. it might take some time to adjust from technics to the pdx 2000. the interface is good, very good layout, and everything is in the right place, an akward size, longer than the 1200's, and finding a road case could b difficult and expensive.

it is very robust, not as much as the 1200's, not as heavy as the technics though, the pitch fader might seem to be abit fragile, and the start button as well. might not be suitable for gigs, but prefect for the bedroom dj.

i love my pdx2000, if only i had a pair of em... its as accurate as the 1200's, and defo worth a look, and a hands on demo!!! the pitch is the best feature....

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Posted by: Unknown (January 0-, 2002)