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Vestax DJ players user reviews

  • Vestax PDX-2000

    Vestax PDX-2000 - " made for me"


    How long have you use it? for about 13 years. Have you tried many other models before buying it? sl 1200 mk2, md3, mk5 etc .... What is the particular feature you like best and least? the + -The power output. -The precision of pitche. …

  • Vestax PDX-2000

    Vestax PDX-2000 - " Really breathtaking!"


    -I use it for 7 months (bought used) -I tried several decks that do not apply -Mc Crypt (low-end belt) BST-belt too (not bad malgrais all) -2 Synq there XTRM1 Rolls of the 21st century Technics comparable in all respects The +: -I liter…

  • Vestax PDX-A2

    Vestax PDX-A2 - " Good but beware tray!"


    I use it for about 2 years. To scratch: couple nickel, as well as the pdx d3 the same time. Same as technics. To pass the pass and play with the pitch, well think. The arm is stable with antiskating. The frame is made of wood so be careful tr…

  • Vestax  PDX-3000 MKII

    Vestax PDX-3000 MKII - " Matos sold!"


    Very good stuff, a little different but a double pitch MK2 impressive! …

  • Vestax PDX-D3S

    Vestax PDX-D3S - " Becane rather good!"


    I use it for 10 years! I tried technics mk2, M5G; vestax pdx-d3; numark ttx ... what I like most is the stability of the right arm with ASTS system (no antiskating so no wheel!) and its cast aluminum plate! the least: it's vestax has handled wi…

  • Vestax PDX-2300 MK2

    Vestax PDX-2300 MK2 - aitd's review


    Platinum for me it just Vestax! …

  • Vestax PDX-2000

    Vestax PDX-2000 - " Great product!"


    For over 10 years that I use happens! never disappointed! I ordered it when it was released and no one knew what she looked like ... Upon his arrival in my PA I was amazed by its ergonomics, sound quality and ease of use ... You should know that h…

  • Vestax Handy Trax

    Vestax Handy Trax - yucatec's reviewhas images


    I use it for 1 year and a half, I plugged into a mobile cube and anime beaches, parks, the street of my vinyl ... or trance trip hop It is indrevable I play with for hours in the pouring rain, and it works always, I have yet to change the diamond an…

  • Vestax PDX-2300

    Vestax PDX-2300 - " As well as Technics!"


    Since I'm here to fill out opinion, I want to mention my "old" with whom I mix Vestax often. OCCAZ purchased from and fitted with Shure M44-7 on a right arm, they never disappointed me. A couple and a diabolical rock solid. I love the little joystic…

  • Vestax PDX-D3

    Vestax PDX-D3 - " Perfect!"


    - 1 month - No model before, this is my first + + - Very good torque, ideal scratch - Design - Function: reverse, pitch + / - 10% - Robustness - I see no Very good value for money Yes I certainly referrer that choice! <br …