Vestax PDX-2000
Vestax PDX-2000

PDX-2000, Turntable from Vestax in the PDX series.

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lovekats 07/16/2004

Vestax PDX-2000 : lovekats's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Almost perfect.

It is relatively unappealing plastic coffee with her look, but it has undeniable advantages for those who like a certain type of Djaying.


-A right arm that provides effective support on the vinyl.
The stop-plastic arm of the altar is deep enough to prevent the arm comes back in against a sudden rapid changes in vinyl records.
An elevated plateau, which facilitates the installation disk.
-A powerful engine that allows a start and an immediate end of the plateau without latency.
A relatively fine-adjustment of start and stop modes which can have effects extremely controlled.
-Opportunities for extended pitcher - / +10 and another pitch - / 50. Creates style effects rather interesting.
-Moving the pitch is soft.
A button-quartz.
A reverse-mode coupled to the engine to the Pdx also allows the effects of cool style.
A swivel-loupiote.
-A good pitch for RCA connections and ground wire.
-The ground wire is independent of Rcas connection.


-The tastes and colors ... she is ugly ...
-A sloppy finish: main pitch knob cheap plastic.
For the round-45T is also plastic so trash.
-The power cable is fine and there are fears that it rapidly breaks
- The power cable (bis) is not removable.
- The power cable (ab) of course has no ground connection.
Rcas connecting them come with the plate are very poorly designed for a table that lets'll assume you can do with the Battle; to change completely for Rcas bent.
No-cover dust in shipping carton??
A switch-on / off power to a poorly named Battle mode. Punch a button would have been more interesting.

Finally, the major flaw comes from the highest quality of this table:

The powerful engine provides such a control board that it is impossible to enjoy the time of inertia of the plate if you have not made an adjustment in advance. This imposes to automatically switch the power on / off button, the problem is poorly named ...
Worse if you stop the plateau and are looking to give in the second following a style effect turning the vinyl with the set off at a time you lock that prevents you from playing with the disc.

This requires thinking a little differently the scratch (see video 2 of Scratch Perverts: Scratch scratch and Vega in the film, which transforms Mix Master Mike From Robert Johnson.

In conclusion: great but little better.