DJ Gear reviews

  • Prepare Your Sets Easily

    Prepare Your Sets Easily - Mixed In Key Flow Review


    The creators of key-detection software Mixed In Key and Platinum Notes continue their crusade to offer new tools for DJs. Here's their last baby: Flow. This Mac/PC-compatible application is designed for preparing your transitions and sets in advance, taking into account several criteria, like the key, energy level or the structure of a song.

  • A Controller On AIR

    A Controller On AIR - Hercules DJ Control AIR+ Review


    Hercules, one of the pioneers in USB controllers for digital DJs, continues to introduce easily transportable and ever more innovative models, like the DJ Control AIR+ with a very particular feature...

  • The Art of Controllerism

    The Art of Controllerism - Vestax VCI 380 Review


    The famous Japanese manufacturer Vestax — a major brand in the DJ world since 1977 due to the very high quality of most of its products — offers now a two-channel MIDI controller, which you can also use as a standalone mixer.

  • Everything Becomes a Standard...

    Everything Becomes a Standard... - Gemini CDJ 700 Review


    Today, every DJ gear manufacturer wants a piece of the control surface market. That's why Gemini decided to introduce now a versatile, fully featured CD deck. The CDJ 700 is a very appealing product with a look that recalls the Pioneer CDJ 900 — plus it has almost the same features and a much lower price. Let's check out if the newcomer can compet…

  • Pioneer Wins Traction

    Pioneer Wins Traction - Pioneer DJM-T1 Review


    Pioneer continues the development of its product range certified for Traktor, Native Instruments' famous software, and presents now a new two-channel mixer with controller facilities specially developed for the new Traktor Scratch 2.0.

  • The Tractor is Back

    The Tractor is Back - Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2 Review


    Having reviewed the Traktor Kontrol S4 at the end of 2010, I got an email from Native Instruments in early April offering me a free upgrade for Traktor Pro 2. The differences between both S4 and PRO 2 versions are not so big as you'll see in this review, however there is an important gap between the previous Traktor version and the upcoming Trakto…

  • U-Mix and U Control

    U-Mix and U Control - Mixvibes U-MIX Control Pro Review


    Mixvibes was founded in 2003, when they started to market a product that allowed mixing and scratching digital files using time-coded vinyl records and CDs with the use of a sound card. Nowadays, Mixvibes offers two products: the VFX Control, a video mixing solution, and Cross DJ, an audio mixing solution. This review refers to a bundle that inclu…

  • Station to Station

    Station to Station - DJ-Tech U2 Station MK2 Review


    How about mixing MP3 files without a computer? That's the goal of the DJ-Tech U2 Station MK2...

  • The Pioneer King

    The Pioneer King - Pioneer DJM-2000 Review


    With its 11 rhythm effects, multi-band frequency mix crossfader, RJ45 port to connect CD players, four-channel stereo sound card, and 5.8" color touchscreen, the new Pioneer DJM2000 mixer is very appealing. And we obviously wanted to find out what it hidden under the hood. Let's go!

  • Native Takes Kontrol

    Native Takes Kontrol - Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol X1 Review


    Native Instruments has been announcing the launch of Traktor Kontrol X1 for several months now and it was even possible to pre-order it on the NI website, if you wanted to be one of the lucky first owners. Was the waiting worth it? Does the Kontrol X1 fulfill our expectations? We'll see... but let's unpack it first!