Tama Iron Cobra Twin Rolling Glide
Tama Iron Cobra Twin Rolling Glide

Iron Cobra Twin Rolling Glide, Double Bass Drum Pedal from Tama in the Iron Cobra series.

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All user reviews for the Tama Iron Cobra Twin Rolling Glide

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 9 reviews )
 2 reviews22 %
 5 reviews56 %
 2 reviews22 %
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jcm050's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent value for money"

Tama Iron Cobra Twin Rolling Glide
I used this double pedal for +/- 10 years. My first was an entry-level Dixon.
The difference with this one was in the balance (very good) between the flexibility of two pedals (for Dixon, the left pedal was very hard). There (Vait?) 3 different models: the rolling glide, glide and the power flexi glide. The Rolling Glide is probably the most versatile because his race is regular, without attacking the power glide. The pedal setting is simple. Small detail, but I liked is that the pedal is supplied in a box, which is very convenient for travel, it avoids the damage. Another very nice detail is that the right pedal, there is a slot for an adjustment key (which is also provided). So that you always have on hand a key to adjust the pedal (but once it is set, the more it is left), but also to change the skins of the drums, etc.
For the price, I think it's great. Clearly, you must exit 400 balls, but it was worth the money. This was my second double pedal but I kept it to the end and I still would if I had continued the drumkit. There is probably better, but (much) more expensive. So the value is excellent in my opinion.
A remake, I would take exactly the same, I have always been very happy. She followed me in all my concerts and never showed any signs of fatigue.
le barbu07/29/2007

le barbu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tama Iron Cobra Twin Rolling Glide
"I used this double pedal for 2 years.

"I loved the opportunity to resolve it in a very complete, but it is also the default I think ... I also like thermoformed body that protects it well for transport.
But I was never very comfortable on it ... even with a lot of time to settle! moreover it is very heavy and is very annoying when you want to go fast. Its springs and bearings are technical weaknesses. In addition, the left pedal has a tendency to move maglrés his crooked little convincing ... it lacks a bottom Velcro

"I had tried a few pedals (other cobra (flexiglide and Powerglide), the DW 9002 which was not always bad, but too expensive for my budget, and a few others that I was not convinced (the Janus, the Staggs , of pearl cheap ... etc).

I have been very expensive (€ 420 if my memory is good) so the value for money is not great or poor, knowing that it is very heavy and that other models are better for the same price .

-With experience, I certainly do not take it back! I was not guided a few friends who had advised me (one who posted a notice here, that I knew personally).
In hindsight, I would turn to the Yamaha Flying Dragon (DFP 9410) or perhaps the Iron Cobra PowerGlide which is much better than this model, and if I had the same budget! but as a few months I Axis went on, I dare not even have to watch it so it day and night!

I would put 6 because it is expensive, heavy, with too short for the sole technique heel / tip, very usable, etc ...

yamahadrummer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tama Iron Cobra Twin Rolling Glide
- How long have you use it?
about a year and a half
The +: well rgler this double pedal is a true beast! all i find his account very many thanks to the weight of rglages proposs.jaime Lairon cobra underfoot c we feel that heavy (but ca I can be very lightweight jou spring with very tight) and the small addition to the briefcase PDAL c: range is fast and nothing happens ....
the -: I think for me the only thing missing above c as a scotch on the dw as screws driven into the ground Sufis do not always maintain the pedals on the left.
Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
jai tried the yamaha a lot but not enough nerve (a spring a little soft for my taste but everyone's opinion) essay jai egallement the dw which is fine but jai limpression davoir nothing underfoot when I ca jou personally disturbs me lol! and finally the pearl eliminator: jai good pedals but the cams are afraid of pietre qualitce n as plastic ....
How do you report qualitprix? Lai I had very good new for 330 euro For now the pedals do not make my own but of any object must Entrena for life so long. ..
Exprience with, you will do again this choice? ...
ca no doubt because I think the only c pedals of the market that lon feels very heavy and nervous but I think that n
I vai to nine for perfection nalready not lol we can always do better now so I do not 10 metri
sphere drummer09/24/2005

sphere drummer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tama Iron Cobra Twin Rolling Glide
Time: I do not know exactly
trs prcise particularitelle is fast and APRS passing the corridor dsespoir (drummer on line) but it is fun fun ...
other models: one before the laj'avais twin stagg 2000 (brossque I pay 199 euros and I can tell you that much better than the silent p1000 home pearl yet much more expensive
quality price ratio: it is as if we all paid attention and is being processed not move her, for my part I use WD40 rgulirement enough on moving parts and I do not range suddenly I use elastic to avoid the bats do not ride in the transport and the same goes for the springs as I put a piece of foam on the pedals for maximum stability
EXPERIENCE: Well right now I'm in the middle doubt I wonder if I would not have done better to invest in a double axis ... well good if I have the opportunity to a tatter I glass but at least it's a really great product.

davidhaf's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tama Iron Cobra Twin Rolling Glide
JOperation the iron cobra over two years (model 2003) and this is not my first doubles.

For nophytes I recall that there exist three models in the series IRON COBRA (IC).
_ Power glide for powerful gaming and uncompromising (flat feet)
_ Flexi glide for a smooth playing feel (on the feeling of being in those shoes but it hits hard than bags using rolling glide)
_ Rolling glide for quick and prcis game.

JOperation the rolling glide for its more pronounced finesse.
What I prefer in the IC series these are possibilities of significant rglage without loss of fluidity.
I dteste are the universal joints that take some game but beware: when we play, it feels absolutely not because the kinematics of the pedal because the game is the universal joints reduces zero (if verifies the theory and practice). But all the same this is frustrating.

Before dacqurir this double pedal nest I tried three different models but not necessary in Ntais try again because I knew that the use jallait do. Indeed, I have a game tip with speeds up double jusquaux eighth 205 bpm which excludes many others models. For example if you have a game below 190 bpm (semiquaver) there is no need to take a double above 400 because you will not see the difference; not sorry if you found exactly your game, the pearl cr very good ELIMINATOR allowing dessayer several games with an interchangeable cam system which logically pnalise the fluidity (but d purpose 2005 she became more expensive than IC which is a paradox because this pedal that caters more to the expriments beginner drummers).

The price quality ratio is not as good as the final mark because it does not account for performance and competition this is for her that I would put 7.5 / 10 because of universal joints.
The 5-point is justified thanks to rubbers which prevents the screws to unscrew using vibrations (it's a little more quon not often seen in the competition).

With lexprience ???
I would definitely do it again but before choosing jessaierais the Janus MAPEX
Friendly advice: If you feel you would support rgl your pedal too low on the base of it and you exert excessive force on small bearings of the soles and they will eventually break.
N hesitate not grease the gimbals (with low viscosity oil every week to avoid wear and tear gimbals (if I washed more including tt !!!)

Finally substance use this pedal that will bring you great satisfaction and surely a good compromise speed / Superior qualitprix often do the competition 8/10.

Arntor's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tama Iron Cobra Twin Rolling Glide
I use it less than a year.

This double is really enjoyable to play trs, trs fast prcise, flexible and above all trs. This is my first double pedals, and I am happy to make my first steps with a device like this. The trs rglages are numerous useful. She is beautiful and trs heavy, its stability on the ground is important, it is enjoyable.

This material is expensive (I got it for 415 euros) but I think it's worth.

TiGuill's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tama Iron Cobra Twin Rolling Glide
The Iron Cobra Power Glide Twin is even more comfortable I think! I have a Network of CAN $ 300 but if I had the money to buy java hsit without the Power Glide TAMA!

Sammy666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tama Iron Cobra Twin Rolling Glide
This is a year that I have this double pedals, and it never happens with me. nothing has ever broken or anything soit.Ce I like best are all rglages prcis that can be done without difficulty. I tried another model before this one of the DW 5002 and Iron Cobra I prfr which ignores the most flexible.
Its price is quite lev (436 Euros) but well worth the comfort because the game is really gnial.
With the exprience I do not know if I do it again the same choixcar I feel alone not be complaining about it then I'll try that famous Pearl Eliminator!

TheUltimateRhum1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tama Iron Cobra Twin Rolling Glide
1) Global Notice
The only difference between the rolling glide and power glide is the shape of the gear ... I am also usin two wooden gable form to find the perfectly sewn CHARACTERISTICS a rolling glide and Making it better for me, having a quick game often tip or heel-toe, the rponse is more controllable than with gear power glide.

What is the particular feature you like best and least?

Pros: very successful aesthetical, trs trs trs SETTINGS many, the mechanical well studied.

Cons: I used this pedal 2 years (before I had the old MODEL refourguer since) I must say there are several things wrong: The biggest weak point of the gimbal to transmition trs wears quickly, with two joints extrmites choppent enough of the game which takes up valuable precidion pedal for the left ... I managed to ratraper the factory cut the puck in the ultra fine grinding but c not everyone just do it.
Another thing I had to replace some bearings (those between the base and the base) because the original ones have pts ...
- How do you report qualitprix?
This costs the same pedal took a pearl eliminator so it is too expensive in my opinion

- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...
No I would opt for a pearl eliminator, because for the same price was a mechanic at least comparable, set of 4 nuts interchangeable transmition chain (factor for the comfort / style of play) over the bat has four sides Pearl different is better ...

I put 7 anyway because it made me a lot of services but I have spent many hours at rgler / OPG also .... so if the chopper can inspect many of OCAS that there have not play at either level or the gimbal bearing ... if you want to buy a new private-se c pearl better!