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Tama Double Bass Drum Pedals user reviews

  • Tama HP910LSW Black

    Tama HP910LSW Black - "Big Feet Board~!"


    Having cut my teeth on a short ludwig Speed King, my size 13 feet have never been efficient.. The extremely smooth surface and long board allow me to do sliding or heel toe doubles with ease. It is so fast and responsive it feels like an extension of…

  • Tama HP910LS

    Tama HP910LS - "Solid, high-value, quality drum pedal"


    I'm a professional drummer and I've been an avid user of Tama drums and hardware for over a decade already. I like Tama's drum products because of its great value, high sound and aesthetic quality, and its legendary durability. I've owned and pla…

  • Tama Iron Cobra Double Kick Powerglide

    Tama Iron Cobra Double Kick Powerglide - "Smooth feel and quick action"


    I bought this unti to replace a cheaper tama bass pedal I had for years. The first thing I noticed was my feet felt much more capable with these pedals than before. I was able to get more out of my right foot on these than I was with another friend…

  • Tama Iron Cobra Double Kick Powerglide

    Tama Iron Cobra Double Kick Powerglide - sanjuro's review


    Iron Cobra pedals (w/double kick power glide hardware) are among the best bass drum pedals on the market.  I have never owned these personally but I have played them frequently and have extreme respect for their capabilities.  They are all around gre…

  • Tama HP900FTW

    Tama HP900FTW - "Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide Double Pedal"


    Traded in a Pearl Masters kit for a Tama Starclassic Performer EFX kit at Guitar Center (Colorado Springs.) The pedal came with the trade for an extra $78.00 SMOOOTH! like butter, but rock solid drum equipment. The use of oiles bearings in the peda…

  • Tama HP900FTW

    Tama HP900FTW - "Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide Double Pedal"


    When I was searching the market for a double pedal I looked at a few different ones. I did some research on 3 different ones in particular. I looked at products from Pearl, Yamaha and DW. After pulling some great information on each from the net it w…

  • Tama HP900PTW

    Tama HP900PTW - "Tama HP900PTW Iron Cobra Power Glide Twin Pedal"


    I bought this double pedal from Musicians Friend. I purchased it because my cheap $99 pacific pedal was old, rusted, and just to squeeky for normal use. I paid $270 for it, and I bought it with a pack that included two additional sets of beaters, h…

  • Tama HP900PTW

    Tama HP900PTW - "Tama Iron Cobra 900ptw (twin pedal)"


    Bought it in a huge music shop (Piens) in Deinze, Belgium, 5 months ago. Cost me about 320 dollars (or euros) It's just an amazing pedal. The best thing must be how extremely rigid and sturdy this pedal feels. It's rather heavy, but has very smooth …

Translated user reviews
  • Tama Iron Cobra Twin Rolling Glide

    Tama Iron Cobra Twin Rolling Glide - " Excellent value for money"


    I used this double pedal for +/- 10 years. My first was an entry-level Dixon. The difference with this one was in the balance (very good) between the flexibility of two pedals (for Dixon, the left pedal was very hard). There (Vait?) 3 different mod…

  • Tama HP910LSWL

    Tama HP910LSWL - " Very good stuff"


    I use it for 4 months, in rehearsal and in the concert. I played before on a Pearl Eliminator. I think both are very good products but the spring under the pedal of the Speed ​​Cobra allows a better return of the pedal and (for me) a better flow…