Tama Iron Cobra HP900FTW
Tama Iron Cobra HP900FTW

Iron Cobra HP900FTW, Double Bass Drum Pedal from Tama in the Iron Cobra series.

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MGR/L.L. Darnall 02/13/2004

Tama Iron Cobra HP900FTW : MGR/L.L. Darnall's user review

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Traded in a Pearl Masters kit for a Tama Starclassic Performer EFX kit at Guitar Center (Colorado Springs.) The pedal came with the trade for an extra $78.00

SMOOOTH! like butter, but rock solid drum equipment. The use of oiles bearings in the pedals is brilliant. You can adjust this pedal any way you like with minimal difficulty or instruction. You can even adjust the angle of the beater head so that it hits flat every time. The foot pedal stays flat and does not move from side to side as you play. No squeeks or rattles to speak of. Who else offers a hard plastic case with their pedals! Reasonable price and Tama quality that cant be beat.

I was concerned at first about how the pedal springs are only held on to the beater rod by the spring tension on the bearings and not secured by any other means. They havn't popped off yet, but If they come off during a show I'll be scrambling around on the floor in the dark trying to fix it. Fortunately it only takes a second to slip the spring back on.

P.S. Don't let the pedals rub against any other metal hardware ie..(high-hat pedal)or else that nice black finish will rub away along with some of the foot pedal.

The quality and construction is second to none in its price range. It looks and feels solid. You don't have to tighten down set screws till your knuckles are blue in order to keep rods and beaters in place. These pedals won't help with your speed, nor will DW's for that matter. It's all practice and natural ability....sorry! But these pedals will help you on your way.

I have played drums off and on for over twenty years. These pedals keep drumming fun. I have owned pedals from the following major brands(Pearl,Yamaha, DW) and have found the quality to be higher and the price lower with Tama Iron Cobra pedals.
The quality of the meterials used, the ease of set-up and a pedals durability are all important to me and I have found them.
When you have to drop $200 to $400 for equipment it better not strip bolts, squeek, rattle or break otherwise.

Nuf Said.

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