MGR/ParadiseDrummer 11/30/2003

Tama Iron Cobra HP900PTW : MGR/ParadiseDrummer's user review

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I bought this double pedal from Musicians Friend. I purchased it because my cheap $99 pacific pedal was old, rusted, and just to squeeky for normal use. I paid $270 for it, and I bought it with a pack that included two additional sets of beaters, high tension springs, and some other goodies, for the same price.

This is simply the smoothest pedal I have ever played on. The action isn't too light (like an Axis pedal) and the footboard is decent sized (unlike a DW pedal). It's perfect for my tecnique because I do alot of heel-toe playing, which, in my case, requires a decent sized footboard, smoothness of action, and no "kickback" from the pedal when hitting hard. The Iron Cobra provides all of these. Also, the power glide cam does as advertised, increasing the punch with little or no effort.

My only complaint is that it didn't arrive sooner, and the adjustments were a bit quirky to get at first but I caught on in like five min.

This pedal is obviously built to last. it looks thick and clunky, but it is really just strong, it actually isn't all that much heavier than my former Pacific pedal. The cross bar bolts grip with a piece of steel, so there is no damage there, and you don't have to reach under the footplate to tighten it! Also, it stays in place very well, very secure on the ground. Appeently, the action never needs oiling either, which was a big problem with my previous pedal.

I would say that this is one of the best if not the absolute best pedals on the market today. You can play fast with it almost effortlessly, it is completely silent, and can be very sensative and light if need be. It is stable, sturdy, strong, and very much worth the money that I paid for it.

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