MGR/lars=god 04/26/2003

Tama Iron Cobra HP900PTW : MGR/lars=god's user review

« Tama Iron Cobra 900ptw (twin pedal) »

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Bought it in a huge music shop (Piens) in Deinze, Belgium, 5 months ago. Cost me about 320 dollars (or euros)

It's just an amazing pedal. The best thing must be how extremely rigid and sturdy this pedal feels. It's rather heavy, but has very smooth action. Even at higher speeds, you always feel a lot of control and every hit comes out really clear. Then of course you can adjust about everything you want on this pedal, and you get a carrying case.

One little flaw is that the bolts of the connecting rod are screwed directly into the rod, leaving marks. You'll have to replace that rod every couple of years. Also, 320 bucks is still a lot of money, but it's worth it in the long run.

Construction, as I said, is superb. This is a pedal that lasts. I dont see how it could be any better.

If you're looking for a great twin pedal, this is it. The Iron Cobra is so versatile it works for whatever kind of music you play. Well worth its price.

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