jazzystochat 02/20/2005

Tama Iron Cobra HP900PTW : jazzystochat's user review


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I prcise I am the owner of the former MODEL (do not be deus .. Lol).
What can I say, it is a flexible and rapid pedals that allows fast and powerful game, mine is two sided team bats, plastic felt, and I ht the weight, it is quite VLOC no.
I tried other pedals dj before, like most good mdiocres .. (I had two older gibraltar intruder, alloy problem at the pivot of the sole , breaks both blah .. what, too bad too heavy, have to play with rangos lumberjack .. lol)
I chose the latter C becaufe I could try it, I had a good opinion, and I had the opportunity to have a site on a clbre Enchant re starting with e and ends with ay, between the two There's a letter which I believe is the deuxime of the alphabet, in short .. and needed only the central part of the gimbal I r usin .. For 140 euros I got it almost new, a good shot ..!
Regarding the price quality ratio if the new achte (360euros) is up almost the same level as a pearl, but is more expensive than a Yamaha (and bcp least that DW one ..!) compare what is comparable.
It possde many rglages (angles bats etc. ..) and every point stratgiques are mounted on rolling, MODEL more "rolling" is called a logical "roling glide" but so fluid that sometimes seems not to have anything under the foot .. .. got Affair
I Rasht (with my current VCU) without the same problem.