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Alvarez Dreadnought Steel String Guitars user reviews

  • Alvarez RD 20 S

    Alvarez RD 20 S - moosers's review


    The Alvarez RD 20 S is a dreadnought acoustic guitar. It's not an acoustic-electric so there aren't any pick ups here. This is basically a beginner's guitar, but it's a good one at that. I don't know where they are making these guitars, but I don'…

  • Alvarez RD8

    Alvarez RD8 - "Alvarez RD8"


    I am 53 years old and coming back to learn how to play guitar. I tried to learn in college but the guitar that I tried to learn on was JUNK. It was just not any fun when I played.I spent so much time trying to get it tuned that by the time I got read…

  • Alvarez RD8

    Alvarez RD8 - "Alvarez RD8"


    Purchased at local Retail Guitar Store for $199 w/Hardshell Case Plays great, Sounds Good, Price is very reasonable Could have a little lower action, but what do you expect for a $200 guitar w/great case? Not a solid top guitar so the sound could…

  • Alvarez MD 90

    Alvarez MD 90 - "Alvarez MD90"


    I have a local music shop near where I live that has just about every guitar you could possibly want, and whats great is it's an independant store so the sales staff knows what they are doing and they put a lot of pride in helping musicians, cause th…

  • Alvarez RD8

    Alvarez RD8 - "Alvarez RD-8"


    I bought this guitar at the String Shoppe in Columbus, Ohio. I paid 134.99 plus around 80 for a hardshell case. This was my first guitar and I was very excited. Deep resonating bass tones, a great look and a great price. The action was painfully …

  • Alvarez PF 90 S

    Alvarez PF 90 S - "Alvarez PF90S"


    I discovered this guitar while perusing my local Mars store. The instant I picked it up, I had to have it. The sound, size, playability and looks of this puppy are awesome. It was a bargain at a paltry $499. This guitar produces beautiful tones …