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Aria Dreadnought Steel String Guitars user reviews

  • Aria AD-35

    Aria AD-35 - "Near exact copy of a D28"


    This particular dreadnought made by the Aria company is an almost exact copy of the famed Martin D28. I have sung the praises of the real deal for many years, so when I stumbled across what looked like a genuine D28 aside from the name and country of…

Translated user reviews
  • Aria AW-35

    Aria AW-35 - " to discover"


    neck 20 frets adjustable by the rosette mechanical oil bath UTILIZATION rather handle end very close to a good electroacoustic kind gretch or gibson es do not try too acute it is not doing it for string height is perfect (- 5mm end of the…

  • Aria AW-130s

    Aria AW-130s - " Great and very clear sound"


    Natural Japan 4/4, a folk easel end a handle and very good finish. UTILIZATION This guitar is light and easy to play too. Access to acute is easy effortless. And also no distortion, very good definition of notes and frets. SOUNDS A very clear…

  • Aria 9450

    Aria 9450 - Lefebvre Nicolas's review


    Japanese manufacturing impeccable: back in 3 parts maple, maple sides, solid spruce top beautiful, mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, maple headstock veneer, net cash and handle ... A beautiful guitar. UTILIZATION narrow neck at the …

  • Aria LW12

    Aria LW12 - Tnt200x's review


    - The acoustic guitar was made in Japan. - It has 21 frets and is not equipped with a microphone because it is simple folk. - It is equipped with a fixed bridge with pegs for the strings. - No adjustment is a glimpse tuning EADGBE - The neck …

  • Aria AW-200

    Aria AW-200 - polo2bzh's review


    I do not know if it is exactly this model, but my Aria looks exactly like the picture of this model, with one exception: it is white (cream) with black edging and an inscription in English indicating it is a limited edition (?). Rosewood handle a …