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All user reviews for the Art & Lutherie Cedar

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 14 reviews )
 11 reviews79 %
 1 user review7 %
 1 user review7 %
Audience: Beginners

lespaul41's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good guitar"

Art & Lutherie Cedar
Guitar Made in Canada


Nice round


Low indeed present, its well defined


Very good guitar for beginners, with a good violin affordable. I wanted a non-Asian guitar and I was seduced by his side "woodcutter" and his very present bass missing on other models I tested. Since I sold to buy an electro-acoustic for concerts.

Alexbaryton's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good guitar for beginners"

Art & Lutherie Cedar
This is my first guitar. It is made in Canada with a solid cedar top and the bottom and sides cherry.


The handle is nice, a bit thick maybe.
The ergonomics are good, it is a dreadnought, not very fine.
Access to acute is good as long as you do not exceed the 15th box. There is no cutaway.
For the price, the sound is good.


It is well to accompany strumming, arpeggios sound good too. In picking the bass may be a little too present.


I have 6 years. This is my first guitar, so I have not really tried anything else, I chose in store, which I liked most about my budget.

The table is a little shaky shots and picks to see very quickly.

For 300 euros, it's a good guitar for beginners and I would do this choice today.

greenfallen's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" "A guitar to start""

Art & Lutherie Cedar
This guitar, made in Canada (ie by a luthier, hand) has 21 frets. Its neck, maple is fine enough. I add just a hint from me: when I bought it, the strings were too far away and, therefore, ask your supplier to adjust the position of the handle, or do it yourself, it is not very complicated :) The table is solid cedar (my god wonderful smell of wood).
Finally, one last point: the varnish is polished, which means that the sound appears much better (and fortunately), but a disadvantage is that it lowers my rating of two points is that you must be VERY careful with your guitar, especially the table a little specifications such as a stroke a little stiff, and she has a small pet. So really pay attention.

Aside from that, the finish is impeccable. Nothing to say, just perfect ets, no assembly problem.


Handle: very very nice, it is late, thus making barred ing too much trouble, even if it is a folk.

The weight is good, neither too heavy nor too light.

Ergonomics is the same, so you can play six consecutive hours per day without problem (I tested).

Strings: those origins are good. You can leave it 9 months without break. If you change them, I recommend the EXP16 Light for beginners. Yes, it is € 15, but it's worth it.


Me, it suits me perfectly: I play a lot of folk, with or without capo, capo but it keeps its main asset: the bass. This guitar is MADE for the bass. I made my first guitar with a guitar at 50 €, then I took one. A marvel.

For that price, it is recommended to everyone. Both beginners and experts alike. Me itchy sometimes a bit much, do not hesitate. It does frisera ever. But what is it that made me go down a point, is that we sometimes emphasize just a little bit on the ropes, so prefer a 1mm pick for bass (yes, those with turtle ).

Do not play the Jimi Hendrix with this guitar, it has no cutaway.


Price / quality ratio: Perfect, the best on the market (as Art & Lutherie is a sub-brand of Godin);

This is my first model folk, and will remain the best. So I never did revendrais (seen in ten years if the sound will be improved);

After a year and a half of use, I recommend it to all beginners.

It has no default. Even if you plug it into an amp with a micro-rosette, the sound is purely beautiful.

This guitar is folk and pop for everyone. If you want to listen, here's my chain:

manoo51's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent"

Art & Lutherie Cedar
See other reviews


This guitar is really, in my view, a reference to the playability Once settled at the store or your favorite luthier, it will be a real treat.
The handle is wide enough, and I think it just makes things much easier, especially for beginners (but not only).
In short, it is VERY comfortable and enjoyable to play.
The violin is very good. I read the remarks on the painted: I personally have not seen a problem: it will darken with age like all the guitars, but are perfectly normal and noble.
The finish is also very serious, as in the absolute opposite the price range.
NB: I do not know that the range electro acoustic, so I can not say anything about the quality of microphones and amplifier.


The sound of this guitar is still there for me a great reference.
Good deep bass and crisp midrange and treble beautiful (I also read that some people found it lacked acute ... In my opinion, the ropes were tired, because even if c ' is a matter of taste and personal feelings, I do not think it lacks anything).
The spectrum is also very balanced. I already tested that had guitars bass, mids, and highs in abundance, but in the end were too bright, had a sound much too rich, all mingled so muddled and ultimately tiring. The kind of thing that can not realize that after a few months to strength. Conversely, if too common, I also tested a lot of folks too matte, dull, flat.
Here, none of this: the sound is detailed, solid, rich, deep, bright, without any concession.

It is for me, in fact, very versatile.


I do not have it myself (if I had discovered before buying my washburn, it is certain that she would wait quietly on the rack by now ) but I did buy 3 in the last 3 years, which I had sought advice. Then that makes 3 years that I play regularly over: the quality is constant, and aging is good.
I tried many, many other makes and models, located between 250 and 700 euros. Honestly, no one else gave me this here. There's really no comparison once you tried it, the others pale beside. That's about from that price to 80 euros closely, one begins to find folk honnorable quality and durable, and I think this one is above the rest.
Seriously, considering the price, I think she is perfect as a beginner about to put some money in his first folk (he does not weary them, nor does it find no faults after two or three years, once it has gained in experience, and he will be fine-tuned ear, unlike what is happening often), as a guitarist confirmed.

The price / quality ratio is just excellent (and still, three years ago, if I'm not mistaken, it was about 260 euros!).

In short, for me, a real reference, and a very good investment!

jbalberge's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Art & Lutherie Cedar
Beauty is made in Princeville our neighbors overseas French. Canada, then. He even stick a label "made by hand" because it's written on it.
The bridge is basic folk, with 6 small bitoniaux. The handle is not very big, I found more suited to my hand that handles Lag, Cort, etc.. In a spirit more than Les Paul Stratocaster to speak in a language more familiar to me.
The number of frets ... whatever, there are 14 out of the box it is enough! It is a very crude guitar without unnecessary finishes and gadgets. No preamp, no cutaway, in short, something primitive lumberjack, but what is good: D
No adjustment if this is the truss rod, so.

9 for the handmade in Canada, even if we have done well if it is to simply amplify.


I find the handle very nice, but I would have liked a longer heel crushed it over a bit much of the credit anyway. So access to acute way, the cutaway (as preamp) is optional and I do not really tried, but it's not what I asked. Basic form of folk, comfortable weight, and yes we get right away because its a good enough to scrape the strings but that's for the next paragraph.

The table is VERY fragile, ultrathin coating is satin, I found dozens of shots today in the wood grain, surely lost picks who came banging the table, she suddenly grow old so than expected .. . Be careful, prospective purchasers;)

7 because the preamp option was a bit expensive, so be it, for the fragility as well, although I'm not there for nothing.


I did not really have a particular style to purchase this guitar, but I directly assessed the sound quality superior to competing Korean and Chinese. We feel we have a really good guitar in the arms, it feels it has the reserve for the years that follow. The cedar is not common folk at all but it's actually very nice, the sound is really warm, very good well-marked low, mid and treble a bit down but still great to listen and play!
Only small problem is probably due to the cedar, when we play really loud (which is not so common and rather useless, I admit) you lose a little quality and sound is pretty packed.

- I love the sounds of an old blues fat.
- I love the sounds of ballads by the fire.
- I love the sounds of lyrical arpeggios.

- I like least render it with the gypsy jazz, but I'm really playing like a nag ^ ^ (and then it is not really made for)

9 Because perfection does not exist ...


It's been seven months that I should have, after trying Lag, Cort and Fender in the same price range (300-500 €). I hesitated between the Art & Lutherie with a soundboard (mass of course) cedar or spruce. I decided, just for the cedar rather original and I do not regret it. Just play it to get carried away, it is no longer a day I spend an agreement without scratching my Epiphone electric can sulk in his box for a few days.
I appreciate the overall quality of the instrument, I see no visual defect, quite the contrary, the work is clean, the sound also.
I regret this preamp always optional but I will solve this problem as quickly as possible, and then the fragility of the coating / table, but that I have already said. Apart from that, the guitar is really excellent, I would do without hesitation that choice! It outperforms its Asian little sisters!

10 For a brand to discover, if not already done so.

jeangusyoung's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Art & Lutherie Cedar

In which country was it made? (United States, Japan, Mexico, France ...)



What type of bridge (Floyd, Wilkinson ...)?


Ben what a question .... an easel, with bitonios to hold the strings running through it. As against the table is solid cedar and I wanted to compare her to my Takamine EGS230 in spruce veneer.


What type of race?


A damn! good question, but I did not blunder. I think it was quite round but not huge.

How many frets, what kind of micro as well as their configuration?


21 frets I think, but from 14 it's not very accessible since it has no cutaway. No microphone is acoustically as it is.

What are the settings (volume, tone, micro switch ...)?


I just said it was just noise! did you understand or you do not understand?!?! <img class="smiley" src="" alt="mrgreen" />



The handle is it fun?


Ah yes, because the intro to "Day 8 the week" by the Beatles went nickel. It slid on its own.

Ergonomics is it good (in terms of shape, weight ...)?


A good dreadnought that was well on his leg. The weight? Oh uh there you feel like a solid wood hands and it's weight. This is not to displease.

Access to acute (recent freight) is it easy?


Oh damn! dipstick said before. Not because it is a whole body (no cutaway) and I like it much.

Do you get a good sound easy? ...


Yeah. Must scratch and it sounds good. I think with new ropes is yet another sound ...



They are suitable to your style of music?


With a few pieces that I played, I felt that we could make a beautiful couple both.

What are the sounds you prefer, you hate?


I liked his good low due to the depth of the box. I have been destabilized by the slight lack of treble (compared to my Takamine cited above), but I can not say I did not like, because the strings may have been tired or was it a brand that I'm not used? So there not to be too harsh I will call this soft.
9 / 10 only in the hope that a new set of strings reminiscent of the brilliance which in my opinion, was missing.



How long have you use it?


Only this afternoon during a test store

Have you tried many other models before buying it?


I did not buy it because I would first sell my Takamine (but here I'm not sure I really want to) by I tried against an Arts & Lutherie spruce and the same for the electro-acoustic ( then spruce and cedar) and a Walden (quite similar to A & L tried before, and not a bad Tanglewood Alvarez ...., then a much less expensive but not ridiculous at all and also one on which I found Takamine sounds mine that I used to.


What is so special that you like most and least?


+ Having a solid wood table
+ The sound that changed my Takamine
+ The combination of this not unpleasant Dreadnought shape with this lovely dark red finish deteriorated.
- Okay, it's not really a minus, but I missed a bit of brilliance ...

How would you rate the quality / price?


A € 100 more than I should not feel robbed, frankly. € 300 and wheelbarrows, almost too expensive for the guitar that I had hands.


With experience, you do again this choice? ...


But surely the choice would be as bad as the dilemma .... I see that the seller: "My budget is 400 to 600 € and above all I want to see any sign not to be influenced .... I will be guided by my ears and my heart"

As you frankly, since I saw the video on the making of guitars from Godin folk and yesterday I tried a Simon & Patrick (cousin of Art & Lutherie) is a fucking lightning. But should not I say it too loud because my Takamine is lying on my bed behind me, I would not get in to a fit of jealousy. <img class="smiley" src="" alt="mrgreen" />

L.d.50's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Art & Lutherie Cedar
Canadian dugout, branded Godin, with 95% Canadian wood.

highly polished frets, nothing Exceeds, has slipped on its own, the handle is trs enjoyable, the rosewood fingerboard occupies the entire width of the handle, since there is no binding.

There is however a binding around the table, PVC I think, and makes plutt well.

Solid cedar top with satin varnish, which is beautiful.

the sound hole on mine is still that of old gnrations Cedar, with the traditional rose window in the varnish, which is beautiful and well made trs. On new MODELS is a piece of rubber a few thickness of millimtres, my taste pretty foul, which filled the spot of rose.

All's Well Mt unadorned, for the price it's really honorable trs.

The only small default I have to find the polish is not quite uniform two three places, but really dtail minimal.

I put 9 for the varnish, and because the report qualitprix is ​​bluffing! (Pay 245 euros!)


It is a dreadnought, so Access in acute is quite limited but is there the pan once in the range, I do not judge as a default.

The handle is trs enjoyable journey, with his own will, the representatives are clearly visible, has help.

It is well agreed, I just make adjustments, which are due to the fact that wood works (I have an air conditioner has not help!).

The spell his own, with great projection.Je Retailer'll just APRS.

Arts and violin problem: their varnish, which deteriorates very easy, a little bit, a fit like butter, a mdiator scraping, a leaves a trace. To beginners, we get surprised, and with the habit and making a minimum gaffe over pet.

Anyone Submitted on my guitar are other, slightly nags ..

The varnish of the body and becomes glossy patina to the places where arms and legs rub is pretty, and gives an impression of vcue guitar, like a lot.

At the neck, below, the o hand rubs, the varnish has lost some of its color, which reveals the wood underneath, what j'apprcie as much (I like that guitar shows signs of vcue!)

I could not find a particular default, however small they may be, (in proportion to the price range, of course) I think, except the coating brittle, which is no longer one for me. So 9.



I possde this guitar for 3 years, she got from my beginners, and over time, I realize, thanks to compare stores with new ones, how much she has grown in its !
The original dj is impressive: a large projection, a lot of serious heat, treble nice and moist, which can show slammed with a sharp attack.
I put on D'addario EXP 16 above, which sounds the best my taste, and I can tackle what I want it have it right!

I lack words to describe the provision of sound this guitar in this price range! A free 10 hsiter because the RSID largest intrt dug this!


Bought 3 years ago to start the guitar, I do not ever spares, and keep the account as long as possible! With the same exprience, I would not change, since it filled with flying colors all the features request and a Yamaki Japanese encore.Je possde about 35 years, which is clearly above in terms of sound, but so far, the A & L really does not blush! I did a lot of testing in-store guitar between 150 and 500 euros, yamaha, cort, good shovels, but that does not suit me tellement.La A & L convinced me both at the level of sound as the Aesthetics!

Flawless, with a surprising price quality ratio! It's MRIT 10, APRS mature rflexion

Vincetage's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Art & Lutherie Cedar
Made in Canada
for the rest see site art and violin


You have to climb ropes and use light becomes easier because it's a skyscraper of loggers ^ ^ but adapts quickly


Beautiful really good sound very nice 10/10


Go for it is a great value instrument making vrm is correct and is the kind of guitar that long and we take care everywhere.

iancurtis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Art & Lutherie Cedar
Canadian-made by hand in the municipalities of La Patrie and Princeville Qubec.
21 frets.

Perfect finish.


Channel easy to play, Access in acute ill-ais plutt is the lack of pan shot but it is not read the primary purpose of this type of guitar.


Massive cedar table, wicker covers back and cherry wood handle, saddle and rosewood fingerboard give her a perfectly balanced and powerful enough (strings Martin M2100 12-54).

The sound is a little too mtallique with these ropes over Previous.
Trs good for the folk.


Purchase of a site for a price enchre <100 I totally won over by the quality of an acoustic guitar sound great.
Manufactures hand in Canada with 95% local wood look almost natural satin of the table is the most beautiful effect.
It was found in 340/400 according to the shops and I think if I had not found my happiness in the OCCAZ I jump but not in nine beautiful antique finish.
BMOL ... the only action a little high and my taste some vulnrabilit the table with blows and scratches incumbent finishing.

Octokentin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Art & Lutherie Cedar
- This guitar is hand manufactured in Canada in the GODIN factories!
- The round-body junction is as in almost all cases, the 14ME fret!
- The bridge is rosewood, and plastic dowels
- The action of the strings on the neck is correct, the playability is maximum for this price!
- Finally, the handle, very comfortable (not too big, but not too late either).


- The handle of the Art & Lutherie is very comfortable (not too big, but not too late either)
- In terms of access to acute unless you have a pan shot on an acoustic play stops as the 14ME !!
- Level ergonomics, the body is of a standard size (! The same since "Martin" invented the Dreadnought shape), so the small size will have some problems to play, but for others, it will be a pleasure Absolute play on this guitar!
- For sound ... look at the following !!!!


So let's talk about the making of this guitar this price range, a must !!
Personally, I find the sound of this guitar any remarkable! A very good sound projection, no mess at all, everything is perfect styles, Bob Dylan Michael Hedges !!
The Custom Polished finish acoustic guitars A & L confre a satin luster to models in semi-gloss finish and beautiful shine with luster table models (GT). This custom finish allows also to solid wood tables to breathe and vibrate freely so that limportant aging process can take effect. Simply put, the more you play on your guitar A & L, the more its sonority sembellit!

View My vidos to hear the guitar (


I use it now for a year, it always pleases me almost as much as I learn more every day to use it!
An unbeatable qualitprix!
The agreement mcaniques hold well! Nothing wrong ...
I tried several model of this price range (Fender, Ibanez, Cort) and that the downright surpasses those one!
I remake that choice without hsiter!
Now you try it !!

Note: the guitar is made of 95% of Canadian wood!