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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 7 reviews )
 4 reviews57 %
 3 reviews43 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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MGR/Mark's review"Fender DG-14S"

Fender DG-14S
I got the guitar at Guitar Gallery in Phoenix, Arizona. I paid $250.00 for it.

I love everything about it, this is my first acoustic guitar and I picked the perfect one for me.

I like everything about it.

Outstanding features in a high-value solid top guitar. The DG-14S sports Fender's exclusive wood tone finish, which allows the body and neck of the guitar to vibrate more freely for maximum resonance. Clear lows, robust mids, sparkling highs, and great feel and playability are what you'll find in the DG-14S. Available in right-handed, 12-string and left-handed versions.

This guitar was a great investment, and I would recommend it to anyone.

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MGR/Zack's review"Fender DG-14S"

Fender DG-14S
Seminole Musci in Countryside, FL because I wanted a new guitar for 269 bucks

Great Sound, amazing playability, fender quality, great for a beginenr as well as an advanced musician. Overall, just sounds amazing!

A little big, kinda expensive, crappy retail strings...Not much else!

amazing quality and construction-all wood, solid, satin finish all over

Great Guitar...If you want a good acoustic, this is for you!

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/Anonymous's review"Fender DG14S"

Fender DG-14S
I brought this guitar from the best music store in Newcastle, Australia - Musos Corner. I paid $400 AUD (although I think it had $499 on the sticker).I brought it as I wanted an Acoustic guitar so I could get that special acoustic sound from it, A sound that you can't quite get, even with an effects pedal on the electric. I have an Electric, but there is nothing like playing an acoustic. I think I like this guitar more then my electric!

It's a great sounding guitar. Very light construction and a great finish. Gives me a very crisp and nice clean sound. While Fender dont go all out providing an exciting finish on the guitar, they do go all out to make sure the construction is great, which of course provides for great sound. Plus of course you have a "Fender" sitting on the guitar stand!

Well, as it sits here right beside me on it's stand, I can see nothing that I dont like about it... Nothing. It plays really well, sounds great & looks good. I was supprised at the price - I played and seen many guitars which were a whole lot more expensive then this one, yet didn't really appeal to me and what I like in a guitar (Basicly a nice sound, with a good feel and easy to play).

It's a very light guitar, and I'm scared if I bump it I will break it... But I'd also be scared if i were driving an expensive car! Nothing to worry about though, I have bumped it a few times, and I can't see any dents or scratches on it. If you take care of your equipment you'll be fine.

If you're looking at a new acoustic guitar, this could be the one for you. When I were looking for an Acoustic, it had to be a solid top, very nice sounding, good strings, nice construction and reasonably priced. Well this guitar has all that. It's really worth playing this guitar to compare before you buy one. Even if your budget is a little higher then what this guitar is priced. You'll be supprised!

You can see more details on the specifications of the guitar, along with a picture of what it looks like at this web site address:


this review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

oboreal's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender DG-14S
Manufacturing Coren, with a massive table in pica if I remember correctly.

The are: Mechanical oil baths no name but keep perfect agreement despite 10 years of loyal service.


14 frets, it's a standard dreadnought cutaway without a thin neck and Plutt pleasant. The satin finish is what makes a good slide on the handle and the quality of the violin is very clean.

It is comfortable enough without further because the case is quite impressive all the same.


It is a guitar that I use to accompany me on vocals, it is well suited for this purpose.

Overall projection is rather good and it was pretty low for a guitar of this price, even if we remain clearly below a real guitar all solid.


It's been 10 years since I use it almost. I tried 4 or 5 guitars when buying but I have tried dozens and since it is part of the very best qualitprix reports I've seen in its price area.

Today j'achterai Plutt all solid guitar for this one UNESCORecords because my expectations were well evolve in 10 years, however, I recommend a Plutt trend of stumbling, even if I think that currently the LATEST LAG 4 Seasons is probably a little above in terms of value qualitprix.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender DG-14S
See below.


The handle is plutt nice. But the strings are low trs key: it allows more easy to play but can leave the strings curling. To resolve this issue (trslger, but we have to find something to criticize ...) all you need to take a larger pulling rope (.12/.54 for me, a little Hard to beginners but now I swear by a) or surlever the bridge (there are tiny pices of cardboard placed under the plastic bar).
Access in acute ... is the same as on any non-cutaway folk.
Hum for ergonomics I find it hard to judge, but for folks to do not vary much from one another MODEL.
Do you get a good sound easy? As this is an acoustic guitar and not a multi-purpose I pass the question;)


The sound is good for trs this price range, as to the problem of frieze evokes above, there is trslger (but I like to be picky)
Low rsistent trs good tuning in Eb or D Dropped plutt which is rare.


Premire my guitar, I have over two years. So I have to trust the vendor ... I have never regretted the report as qualitprix is ​​unbeatable.
Now I will turn to a more electro-acoustic, or even a 12-string, but the DG14 is dcline in both finishes, so if I have the same budget, as may be I do it again the same choice.

Baphomet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender DG-14S
Everything has already been said above.


My first guitar folk bought occasion.

The handle is nice, access to acute but it is way more than enough, all depends on the use that is given to this guitar.

It is rather heavy compared to the guitars of the same price. The shape is pleasing to see is a beautiful guitar.

It sounds much better than the guitars of the same price.


It should rather well in all styles of music.

The treble sounded really good, it's a fluid, and it supports many different guitar techniques. For cons, I appreciate the sound of moderately severe a little bland for my taste.


I use it for 3 to 4 months.

I love her very competitive price, I try many models of the same price and it is one that has shown the most enjoyable to play.

Excellent value for money.

I do not buy it back as I turned instead to an acoustic electric or twelve strings. But if I wanted to buy a folk guitar of this price range, definitely yes, I buy it back.

Nestacmoa's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender DG-14S
Made in China, solid spruce top, fingerboard and bridge "Rosewood", mahogany sides and back plated.
20 frets
Traditional Easel
Channel rglage reinforced with screws in the box.


Enjoyable and ergonomic handle
Access to acute asking some Dexters (not cutaway) but after 4 months of use eventually it works well
forms are enjoyable, rather heavy
The first uses of sound is to go. A warm sound with bright highs and mids rather good and decent bass. Its well balanced.


Well suited to any style of play, plectrum or fingers provide a good sound. (Oasis, Metallica, Clapton ...)


I played with for 4 months
the lifts are precise and bath oil, satin of the body and very nice for the oeuil. The only points are the black writing on the butt "MADE IN CHINA" and support force in the webbing retracted Eclisse infrieure plastic ... but good considering the price and the quality of everything else we turn a blind eye
Prior to the day jou have a nylon one year and very little time on an ibanez horrible to play (action too high, adjustment screw blocks).
Report qualitprix almost unbeatable (330 euro) Given the general quality of the instrument.
If my budget was limited so no hsitation I repeat.