Martin & Co DM

DM, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Martin & Co in the Road series.

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All user reviews for the Martin & Co DM

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 14 reviews )
 11 reviews79 %
 2 reviews14 %
 1 user review7 %
Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Excellent

Leigh555's review"Martin DM"

Martin & Co DM
My father brought me this new in 1998 after he asked me if i wanted a new guitar (he was living in Indiana at the time and i was in Barcelona) so of course i said yes. This guitar has been my main acoustic ever since sad they're not made anymore

tarrtime's review"Great Mid-Level Guitar"

Martin & Co DM
The Martin DM has all the features and characteristics of a mid-level guitar. This guitar has a solid spruce top, mahogany back/sides, and rosewood finger board. You would have to step up to a more expensive guitar if you want more exotic woods.

It did not come with an electric pick-up, so I had an under-saddle pick-up installed at a local shop. I actually prefer this over having a pick-up already installed because then the buyer has more options.


This guitar plays very smoothly. The neck is a comfortable size and length. There is not much else to compare on the standard dreadnought size guitars.


The guitar sounds great in a variety of playing styles. Strumming, finger-picking, and leads all sound good. My opinion is that other guitars in this price range sound great for strumming, but bad for finger-picking/leads or vice versa.

The advantage of buying a guitar in the mid- to high-level price range is that the sound of the guitar improves over the years because the woods age and set-in. I would definitely recommend this guitar for that reason over less expensive guitars.


If you take good care of this guitar (keep new strings on it, get it set-up a couple times a year), it will sound great for a long time. I purchased this guitar after I had been playing guitar for 5-6 years because I needed to step up to the intermediate level. At the time I remember thinking that I would need to purchase a more expensive guitar after I became a better player. I have been playing guitar for over 15 years, and even studied guitar in college, and I have never felt like this guitar should be replaced with something more expensive. Unless you are a touring/studio professional or have tons of money to spend, this guitar is more than adequate. I definitely give it my recommendation after having it for 10 years.

yoTrakkz's review"good sound"

Martin & Co DM
This is a great Acoustic guitar made by one of my favorite guitar manufacturers. I have been getting more into the dreadnought sound recently, as I've been playing by myself and need a more powerful sound when I play. The guitar has a sitka spruce top and a Ovangkal side and back wood, which is a wood that I've never encountered before (at least knowingly). There are 20 frets on an ebony fretboard, which I love on an acoustic. There are no electronics on this guitar, it is simply a purely acoustic guitar.


The top frets, unfortunately, are very difficult to reach. I really don't think that most players who are looking for this type of guitar would worry too much about that, though, as the guitar is great for rhythm. That isn't to say that you can't play some sick leads on it, but they don't necessarily need to be really high up on the fretboard to be effective. The great Taylor sound is there immediately, as long as you are a decent player they make you sound great.


The sound of this guitar is a rich, powerful sound. I really like just strumming really hard, it has an energy and a power to it that can really be intimidating when playing with a softer guitar. I also really like to pick and fingerpick with it, the extra oomph that is has compared to normal acoustics is a striking contrast to a strummed normal acoustic. I have found that if you have a good control of dynamics (which most players don't anymore, sadly), that this guitar has a vast dynamic range that can't really be emphasized enough. One thing I've noticed is that a bright, brittle tone (which I find I need sometimes) is hard to achieve on this instrument, so be conscious enough of that when considering it.


Overall, this is a guitar that feels really good to play and sounds amazing. The dreadnought sound that Martin and Company are exploring has produced some great results, and this is no exception. In fact, I feel as though this might be the best dreadnought model that I have played yet, and I've certainly played good ones. Highly recommended, assuming you can afford the almost 2 grand price tag. Ebay is probably the way to go on this one.

moosers's review

Martin & Co DM
The Martin DM acoustic dreadnought guitar is made in the USA and is not an acoustic/electric so it doesn't have any pick ups or knobs. The neck is made out of rosewood, while the top of the body is made out of solid spruce and the sides and back are made of mahogany.


The rosewood neck of the Martin DM acoustic guitar feels great on the fingers and is overall an extremely easy guitar to play all around the neck. It is easy to play both rhythm and lead parts, but I mostly play rhythm guitar on the Martin DM. The shape is the classic shape and size that you would think of when you are talking about dreadnought acoustic guitars, while the weight is about average. Getting a good sound from the Martin DM is pretty easy the inherent sound is pretty great.


The sound of the Martin DM is nothing less than what I would expect from a Martin guitar. It has a full bodied sound that makes it great for all styles of music, but I use it mostly for rock and pop music as that is mostly what I play. It has a pretty good low end presence but the crisp and clean high end response is to me what makes this guitar stand out and be as vibrant as it is.


I've been using the Martin DM acoustic guitar for about three years and it is probably one of the best acoustic guitars in this price range. It isn't too expensive at all and is actually a great deal for the player looking for long term acoustic guitar that can be used for years to come. Its not only easy to play but has a truly great tone to go along with its smooth fingerboard. This guitar isn't cheap, but it is absolutely worth the asking price as it will last a lifetime if treated right. Overall, a great choice for any acoustic guitar player looking for a great Martin guitar without the enormous price tag.

MGR/billy's review"Martin DM"

Martin & Co DM
bought my dm from jacksonville guitar in jacksonville ar. when i first picked it up and played i was in love .it stays in tune action is great .it was used but in excellent condition.payed 575.00 for it and caseoverall

overall appearance simple but im very pleased.great tone and playabilty.

i only wished i found it sooner

solid,hold the instrument in my hands no other feel and i have played alot of guitars


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MGR/Bob's review"Martin DM"

Martin & Co DM
When I purchased the guitar over the Internet, I broke the cardinal rule of guitar buying: play it before you buy it. But all the reviews, including those I found at the Music Gear Review site, said it had a great sound and great playability. And since I live overseas, I didn't have the opportunity to do a lot of comparative in-store shopping. So I plunked down my $550 and several days later it showed up in the mail.

It looks and smells nice,and the included hardshell case is a real bonus. The first and second strings have a nice ringing tone. It stays in tune for long periods of time.

Maybe I just got a lemon, but contrary to all the reviews I read, this guitar is not easy to play nor, except for the first and second strings, does it sound all that great. The action is too high for easy playability, and even when I bear down hard, the third and fourth strings sound deadened, i.e., you get more of a "plunk" than any real sustain, from the third fret all the way up to the twelfth. The fifth string just sounds out of tune sometimes, even when it's properly tuned. Believe it or not, it got considerably easier to play and sounded better when I left the strings on way beyond their normal time. I've since played a much cheaper Takamine and a slightly more expensive Guild, and both sounded great and were much easier to play. When I get back to the States, I'll take it to a luthier for adjustments. Not that I'm thrilled about having to spend a lot of extra money on a guitar that, by all accounts, should have been ready to play, but, hey, them's the breaks.

It appears to be solidly built.

It's not the worst guitar I've ever played, but I think you could spend less money and do better, or spend a little more money and do much better. Please don't make my mistake and just order a guitar over the Internet. Play before you buy.

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MGR/Raymond's review"Martin DM"

Martin & Co DM
4 years ago everything I owned was stolen, and I had no job and $700 left in my bank account. Needless to say, I was devastated and decided to take my remaining $$$ to buy a new guitar. It was pretty silly in retrospect, but I had all this free time and nothing but the clothes on my back. I paid $565 at Guitar Center in Boston, and I literally tried every guitar in the joint. At this price point, there is really no comparison in terms of sound quality. And honestly, that's all I care about in a guitar. I was worried the laminated components would hurt the tone, but it's amazing what a difference the solid spruce top makes in comparison to the other model that is fully laminated.

TONE. PLAYABILITY. That is the bottom line. It plays and sounds better than guitars that cost twice as much. No kidding, it might not be particularly pretty to look at, but I appreciate the bare bones approach they took to make a great sounding guitar at a price reachable by the masses. The neck is great, and the thing stays in tune rock-solid. The's warm, and has amazing projection. If you slash at the strings this might not be a good guitar for you, but for fingerstyle and a light touch, it makes the most wonderful tones under $1000. This guitar brought my playing to a new level and I'll never replace it short of natural disaster.

Well, I had my guitar for about 4 months, and I discovered a one-inch hairline crack at the base of the neck. I was relieved when Guitar Center made amends and gave me a new one no charge. The funny thing is, I had grown so attached to it in such a short time that I was sad to let the broken one go. My second DM has lasted 4 years now, and the tone is still maturing. It's an ugly duckling, but I don't mind.

It has all the classic Martin touches, but at half the price. The fit and finish are first class. It's obvious somebody was paying attention to the details. The joint, detailing, and construction are rock-solid and mine at least is flawless. It is made with some inferior materials(laminate, plastic in some places), but it's got good quality wood in all the important places.

(and you'll be the envy of all your friends)

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MGR/John R. Neville11/28/2002

MGR/John R. Neville's review"Martin DM"

Martin & Co DM
I purchased this martin because it was affordable. It was $600 new. I saw it in a magazine and decided to look for one. I went to Mars Music days before it closed but they hardly had anything so I had to wait. Finally a few days later I went to Guitar Center, in the Forest fair Mall and found it.

This Martin has a great sound and tone. I think it was a good investiment of money. It seems to smell like pepper, but thats a good thing. It comes whith a hard shell case and looks great.

What i don't like is that I didn't buy it sooner.

Martins are pretty much the best acoustic guitar around but it is still not comparable to a Gibson. It is constructed good but is too new to tell the Quality.

I usually play it at Ron's Place in Blanchester, Ohio. Everyone loves the sound and wishes they had one.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Martin DM"

Martin & Co DM
Acoustic Outfitters / Stratham, New Hampshire.

I specifically purchased it with overseas travel in mind. I had no desire to risk one of my better acoustics on underpaid baggage handlers and poorly designed luggage carousels.

Purchase Price (w/Martin case) $615

The amount and quality of the sound of this instrument far exceeds what you'd expect for the money. I now use it for serious recording. Martin D-28/D-35 sound and feel, at a quarter the price.

Quasi-satin finish. Looks like something Cousin Herb threw together in his spare time, while 'under the influence'.

Ruggedly braced, but very light overall, which probably accounts for the big, rich voice.

Great value, and forgiveable lack of decent cosmetics given the sound. Still -- it would be nice to see a decent finish.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Martin DM"

Martin & Co DM
Purchased in 1998 at Midnight Music, Pittsburgh, PA. Paid $565 including hardshell case.

This guitar has a wonderful full loud bright sound to it. The guitar seems to sound and look better as it ages. Stays in tune wonderfully. I compared it to a lot of guitars in the same price range and it was far superior. Another nice thing about Martins is that they carry a lifetime warranty.

I can't really say that there is anything I dislike about the DM.

Spruce top, laminated mahogany back and sides, natural finish. Standard Dreadnought Guitar. Nothing fancy. I have had no quality problems. I didn't have to make any adjustments to it when I got it. It was set up perfect. I was little concerned with how thin and light the material seemed but to this date I have had no problems with that. I've taken this guitar everywhere and it has held up beautifully.

This guitar is definitely worth the money I paid.

I absolutely love this guitar. If you are looking for a guitar and your price range is around $600 I'd highly recommend trying out a Martin DM.

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