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All user reviews for the Martin & Co DX-1

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 9 reviews )
 7 reviews78 %
 2 reviews22 %
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MGR/David Baird01/01/2004

MGR/David Baird's review"Martin DX1"

Martin & Co DX-1
Looking for a new guitar in Dumfries, Scotland, I tried out several in the £300 range. Having tried Garrison and Norman and settled on a Norman, I then tried a DX1 which I thought I could not afford - £529. Having tried it, I could not leave it in the shop - no fret hum, low easy action and wonderfull all brass string set. This is the best guitar made for the price - by far.

The Dx1 is plain - it needs no fancy decoration to make people take note of it. The matt finish is easy to maintain, the tuning pegs are solid and quality finished. The resonance and vibrancy are a joy - I can't keep my hands off it

I didn't get a hard case as part of the deal - big deal.

The matt finish is easy to maintain, the tuning pegs are solid and quality finished. Seams and joints are fantastic. There is no fancy pearl inlay and such - great - a well constructed guitar to do what guitars do - make music, not pictures!

Don't look elsewhere - beginner, amateur or pro, this is the one for you, and if you have a bigger budget - buy two!

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MGR/Mark T. Owens12/04/2003

MGR/Mark T. Owens's review"Martin DX 1"

Martin & Co DX-1
I bought the DX 1 in Fort Smith Arkansas for 479.oo,, plus tax 520.19. I learned later that others have gotten it for around 450.00...That's okay with me,,i love it, Best sounding guitar i ever had,, It's simple,, Not pretty,,But has excactly what i want!

The sound is unmilstakable,,, sounds like lead and butter combined! The guitar is of the best craftsmanship i have ever seen, every detail of the seams and joints are incredibly precise.

The action is a little high,, little hard to play,, but this is pretty much the standard on most guitars,, if you want it any better, you have to do it yourself,, but over all,, nice action for coming off the showroom floor.

construction is absolutely first rate!

i have played guitars ranging from 399.00 to 2100.00. You will not find a guitar in any price range that has this incredible sound and fine construction! No matter what the guitar costs, no matter what the name,, no matter how pretty it is,,, this guitar is as good as good gets! I'm gonna pick now!

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MGR/dave's review"Martin DX1"

Martin & Co DX-1
I got this guitar online (auction) for $290.

This is a WONDERFUL guitar. The first thing for me is the tone, and this guitar is all tone. I don't know how they do it so cheaply, but it sounds like it cost 5X what I paid for it. I spent a weekend and played every brand and price range in a 20 mile radius, and this little Martin outclassed a lot of very expensive guitars.The sound is round and woody, but does not lack in high end. The bass is like a truck driving by on a small street! The only thing this guitar is lacking is volume, but that's not so bad, I don't really need to play that loud anyway.

Not much to say here. Its very basic, no binding anywhere, no inlays hardly any finish! But the look is nice and spartan anyway.

Its a Martin! American made, HIGH quality. The setup and action are a dream!

For the money, you can NOT get a better sounding guitar. It plays like a dream, sounds like a dream, and cost me under $300. Somebody pinch me...

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pilp's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Beautiful, Simple, Balanced, beautiful sustain. Excellent entry level."

Martin & Co DX-1
Made in Mexico. Folk size dreadnought, 20 frets.
Only the table is massive, but it is the point. Good quality workmanship. Guitar imposing, beautiful, very sober.
Purchased from guitar style in 2008


Channel pleasant end. Good playability. Action low. Access to acute limited by the format.


Ideal guitar to accompgner rhythmically. Its balanced, beautiful sustain, pretty stamp into the treble.


Entry level at Martin & Co. Quality is waiting for you. The sound also. I recommend without hesitation. A good investment.
12 cordes10/14/2012

12 cordes's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" no frills, but its LE ....!!"

Martin & Co DX-1
see other reviews, everything has been said, surprising materials which can alienate purists all solid wood (I read strife inflamed about this guitar on some forums), but for an instrument, the better the judgment ears that prejudices deafening!


From the first grip, and before even playing a single note, my first thought was "like a glove". Very nice, easy for folk dams (compared to my old Ovation that was killing me on the index Fa). Access to acute smoothly until the 14th fret, but then it's not a cut, and I was not looking to make a guitar solo "shreddeur" (I never knew how it s wrote it, not being one myself ...).
No problem in holding the handle, then. I even found suddenly better!! (I really had to exchange anything.'s Another, it was not me!)


I play mostly folk (Neil Young, Cat Stevens ....) Brassens, Leforestier, blues, pop folk, in short, everything that can go with my body ... voice. This guitar fingerpicking in all I am satisfied with that pick.
I joined one of the previous reviews, however, if this manufacturing process tends to want to ensure sound equally to all DX1, the result is not always there. I came across a good number, but there may be disappointments. (This must be true for almost all models of guitar at the same time). So, always try before you buy, even if there's marked MARTIN above.
On this, what attracted me is the sound, sound and even sound. Deep bass and warm mids not stifled, although present, clear highs and "flutes", all with a projection of all that ... Wow! Damn, sounds, whatever!


I have 3 stores, tried all a 15aine guitars in this price range (at the time!): A Taylor (good, but less extensive noise level), 2 Takamine (really, I hang it) and others. I wanted a guitar that sounds as good electro acoustic as connected, which is really not always the case!
This one was a no brainer. I was Cinderella who finds her shoe vair (this is my soft side speaking). The first chord, I forgot the others. I do not mean to denigrate those who prefer other brands, other sounds, it's like food, everyone's tastes, it can be subjective when talking about those subjects. When I see how much the price has dropped since I'm a little bummed, but at the same time a seller makes its margin ... and I do not regret. it's been 8 years since I played it, and I never get tired ... Yes, I would do this choice unless another guitar (another budget in my opinion) get drunk ears.

grattophile's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Martin & Co DX-1
These features have already been listed in another opinion.


The bass drum can Dreadnought parraître cumbersome, but I find myself very comfortable. a crossed out it's more complicated than a electric, but the sound that comes out is truly amazing.
the handle is very nice, access to acute is necessarily difficult it beyond the 17th box, but if you need more, we take a cutaway.


I was amazed by this guitar. after trying several guitars, and even higher for models martin, I came back to this guitar and not a budget issue.
Both opinion, I agree that all dx-1 does not sound like that, I tried two, was really a classic for me, I did not really like, then I tried another elsewhere, and I fell in love with the warm sound from the first agreement. a warm and round, this guitar is perfect for the folk song to Jack Johnson or Ben Harper. the highs are really good.
if you want a warm sound, I urge you to try this guitar.
a small flat on the "reasonable", I found a lack of scale due to the roughness of rope, and pull the hammer of not apparent more than that in the game
but I really fell in love with this sound, you have to try, it is very personal.


I pretty much said everything, I had a crush while trying this guitar. we find the characteristic sound of martins that I have not found on other guitars.
This entry is for me far more expensive models. to buy eyes closed.
I have not had much opportunity to make use of the Fishman preamp, but it seems well made (the fishman is at the same time, the reference.)

grattophile's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Martin & Co DX-1
These features have Adi t enumerate in another opinion.


The bass drum dreadnought can parratre cumbersome, but I find myself very comfortable. to release a barr it is on more complicated than an electric, but the sound that comes out is really incredible.
the handle is very pleasant, access to acute is necessarily beyond difficil at the 17th box, but if you need more, we take a pan shot.


I t bluff by this guitar. after having tried several guitars, and even the models in Superior martin, I returned to this guitar and not a budget issue.
like the other reviews, I agree that all the dx-1 does not sound the same, I have tried 2 was really a classic for me, I have not really liked and I I tried another BTW, and I fell in love with the warm sound ds the first agreement. a warm, round sound, this guitar is perfect for the folk song ben harper jack johnson or. the highs are really good quality.
if you are looking for a warm, I strongly suggest you try this guitar.
a small BMOL the "raisonnance" I found a lack of breadth of the harshness of the strings, hammer and pull of not more than that comes out in the game.
but I'm really fallen in love with the sound, you have to try, it's very personal.


I had pretty much everything said, I had a favorite in trying this guitar. we find the sound characteristic of martins that I have not found on other guitar.
between this range is for me much more expensive models. buy closed eyes.
I have not had the opportunity to serve me a lot of prampli fishman, but it seems well made (it's fishman same time, the rference.)
thierry paris 1201/06/2005

thierry paris 12's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Martin & Co DX-1






Very good fun to play guitar and martin sheen and his well-rounded and deep bass all with special material that question us. Ing the thrust of their work have pr find the ideal characteristics reminiscent of the standards of the firm and I put in a dfi blind to recognize a dx1 dreadnough among other brand. ss heads exeption sound like this is the mode of production, only one of dozens tried were actually below the dam has a problem certainly ds transportation. A tip the difference in price pr pr choose the equipment fishman piezo super sensor ref: dx1 eq

kravatorf's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Martin & Co DX-1
An entry-level dreadnought home martin (600 at the entry level martin;)) ... advises careful reading

prt little while to dplaire:
back and Clis in "Mahogany Pattern HPL Textured" (something terrible but "made the job")
Rust Stratabond handle (used for ages to make a weapon fire sticks ...)
button and bridge Black Micarta (Contents synthetic often used instead of bne)
against a beautiful table by massive ... but in two parts

trs simple finish (no frills table "Hand Rubbed Finish", no scratches on the varnish) and done everything irrprochable (handle nickel corner of the table "soften" the hair shaft junction Corp. .. .)
impeccable accuracy
handle "sweetened V" (Modified Low Oval ki z'appellent a) priori weird but enjoyable and comfortable use, trs fret button rather thin and flat, all well suited to a game " Corones inside "who allows himself acrobatic positions and p'tites top speeds look like much. and not tiring and more

7 for a good finish


Dreadnought is a rather good balance without cutaway ... ergonomics so normal.

the handle was surprised at first, but I feel comfortable. prdispos say it is not a traditional position with the thumb right in the middle of the handle (it works even when) ... but in the back just the handle fits comfortably in the hand, the thumb can easily go over for hooping a string or two. IDAL use for a game well "tough" (note: I have rather small mimine)
key, rather flat and thin frets and low authorizes any follies (like highway mimine) both agree that a solo game with a finger or mdiator

thing is, this guitar is the trs sensible fawn which she is playing. it is rather demanding and requires a set prcis, a good command of the attack string, and reasonably mimine muscle (I would not learn to AIM barr an agreement on this and scratching ... if you do jou as electrical cords fawn with spaghetti overcooked, there will be an adjustment period) and a bit of work to get a game well fluid. So when did plop ...

cot style, it is versatile enough rvle a real plus for the blues (and its directory with a set "raw") Celtic music (the subtle harmonies are highlighted) and the "fire camp "(a good walk)

are better but more expensive ... is a favorite;)


1) a big diffrence MODEL another: three try, a sentence correctly, but a lot more and a really good (I took the third .... me;)))
==> Test necessary and qute the "good numro"

2) for the one I took (the best of three so) your exact is really good. Sound good balance, depth, brilliance, mdiums of "full" and prcis ... sounding "wood" (tonnnniffffiant saw the little wood used in the scratch;)), sensitive attack. mdium and the bass is really good .. the upper register (above the box 9) is slightly below (especially solo), but remains fully usable. projection is a little weak.

there's more ... but with three times more scratch Chres ... I bluffbr />
3) the scratches are a lot of trs sensible thing:
- To play well on what is a quality I think. the sudden she does not forgive much and is not flattering for round two of this view.
- The strings .... Martin SP + with top light is ... thing with aut ... blah blah
- Mdiator used to (my prfrs scratches with this: on the jazz andrea pro 551 1.14, .96 mm dunlop gator United States and my classic Jim Dunlop Jazz III MODEL former jazztone208 our ... days)
- The holding of the guitar (if you like it too and you rev ​​the greenhouses strong against the clump you toua the poor)


For me a good trs scratched with a great price quality ratio ... but we must find the "right to numro has!

idalie out and about (it is solid and if I break I will not a disease), fun to play by the fireside, or to compose an intimate concert

in registration and in good condition, made his brilliant and balanced and its ability "rvler" the game gives good guitarist rsultats

I did not really expect to be as satisfied with a guitar with such CHARACTERISTICS (see above) but ultimately the one cot for me ... there are better but much more expensive ... trs for others I've tried ... it's okay ===> try looking for the "good numro"