Seagull S6+ Cedar GT
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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 4 reviews )
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MGR/Zack D.04/30/2004

MGR/Zack D.'s review"Seagull S6+CedarGT"

Seagull S6+ Cedar GT
I needed another acoustic because my washburn was about shot, I saw the Seagull and fell inlove with it, after I played it the love grew even more. I purchased it at Music Land in Bel Air MD for $299.99

Everything, at first I looked at the Standard S6 model but it had no gloss so I ruled that out, but after the store got the High Gloss S6+ I had to buy it...It has a deep warm tone, the wood is beutifull, Stays in tune, Action is low but doesn't buzz...Its perfect.

Seagull guitars have a wider neck then other acoustics and I didn't think I would like that, but after playing it for a few days I got used to it and I like it wide now.

Wonderfull Handcrafted in Canada...Great wood quaility

These guitars play wonderfully, look great, and aren'

Callahan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Seagull S6+ Cedar GT
Or other opinions


The handle is enjoyable trs. We often hear that the sleeves Seagull is difficult because too broad, however, I have average hands and I find the handle easy to play.
This guitar is pretty lgre and weight is rpart.


This guitar is quite equilibrated but I find the sound a bit harsh, yet I have tried it once or twice in the store so ... may be that over time the sound s'amliorera.


I do have tried once or twice in the store but it seems to be a good guitar for "beginners"

Apprenti06's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Seagull S6+ Cedar GT
Guitar-Canadian manufactures the hands in Quebec La Patrie is a brand of Godin.
Acoustic Guitar-20 frets.
Channel 46 mm in Saddle money.
-Soundboard of solid cedar gloss.
Bottom-held cherry and wicker covers satins.
For the rest-see catalog.


-The handle relatively large as all the Seagull demand a little getting used to but once you pass this course what a joy to play it.
Not-for that you need to move towards a MODEL CW up shot.
-The guitar is lgre if somewhat bulky.
-The sound is just wonderful with a sweet sound and felt.
-The dynamic etandue gnreuse.


Yes, well that's why I bought it.


I use it for a week .-
-Buy 433 + Euros a soft case in the store.
The quality-price ratio exclellent for a guitar of this price makes the hand so that a unique capacity to age better.
Clearly, the more you play more guitar sounds better.
If re-c'tait go right away.
-So go for it soon in your music store if you prefried your looking for a guitar intrmdiaire you will not be the .....

fiorelo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Seagull S6+ Cedar GT
Guitar made in Canada.
= cherry wood base,
Clisse = cherry wood,
table = cedar (cedar) varnished lustrGT)
handle = Rabl.
= mcanique oil bath
exelente finish.
I put a rating of 10/10 because I'm several magazines and seen a lot of guitars of the same price range (from 400 to 500 euros). the seagull is the only brand that offers quality finishing as lev for the award, although I am on a tomb S6 + spruce (pica) which strips grsillaient.
I chose a glossy finish as the GT amliore strongly the beauty of linstrument altre without substantially sound, and protects the wood also. trs beautiful guitar to play even before you a feeling of FIRT (laugh) ;-) and a vritable fun look.
I try not to sell, but with all that I saw in this price range is not the only n'exagre in the layer of varnish (neither too much nor too little), adhesives are not apparent and it gives a feeling of solidity that some cedar guitar not


. the handle is very enjoyable, whatever the chosen MODEL expensive Seagull, this guitar can be played easily arpge in rhythm, or pickling. it is easier to play than my old guitar, the strings both type ligth it allows couraging bars more easily, and the height of the strings is good for my game trs


It is well known for Every one of us, the guitar that do the most good is that it's at home, and some critics is that you will read about the mod DIFFERENT them, everyone will tell you that the guitar sounds tonnre SA. and this is normal because when a guitar is never achte correspondence but feeling is that the only advice I give you this little slab with lessayer of another.

Personally I had a guitar so I habitu pica a brighter sound, and when I do the shops looking for a new skyscraper that I did not want the timber, but this guitar by listening to my heart to fail and converted t: a deep, it feels like to bowels. of course not easy to explain the sound described by but I advise you to go into the first shop that has just a scratch on it and you understand the feeling.

I put a note of 9 / 10 because javais Found mieu sagissais of it as his guitar same price brand Fush in Cedar Yugoslav manufacturing, but with the finish and beauty was not worth the S6 Cedar GT
Fush seemed the most fragile and so many marks that moin rput seagull, I did not use test driver ;-)


xelente guitar quality / price with a sound that make the S6 a best seller in the guitars of this price.
there will always be better now but it's more expensive here for a price that seems appropriate for an average user, you sound a little dfier low-end guitars most prestigious brand whose price is lordre 700 euros. Jai test a lot of time if it's guitar, not to deceive me and read all that could be described this type of guitar, and all I Ramna a Seagull to a price range of 400 500 euro. people who have advised me are users and not sellers, not sellers j'coutais trs, otherwise they end up selling you a Martin and the factory that manufactures them (laughs).