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All user reviews for the Stagg SW201

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Average Score:3.3( 3.3/5 based on 7 reviews )
 2 reviews29 %
 4 reviews57 %
 1 user review14 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent
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MrBluesMan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Stagg SW201
Dreadnough color sunbrust from China. It was therefore quite logical characteristics currents in low-end: linden wood base, and mechanical no-name. Simply put
- Table: lime
- Back & Sides: linden
- Neck: nato
- Fingerboard & bridge: black stained maple
- Mechanical: covered nickel
- Finish: gloss

However, in the logic of a cheap guitar, it makes sense and it sounds normal. It should however be careful about buying it is properly set (it was not my case at first, once set it sounded better =))


handle C-size ( saddle base). Access to acute as bad without all Folk cutaway. Now, it's not a folk that we will seek treble for solos ... It's not a Start '!
It takes several months to pass the bars with this guitar, but as said before, it is "logical" given the range of the instrument.


Mine had a more severe oriented, so not bad for blues / country of bases and accompaniments. Obviously given the absence of solid top, this guitar has no personality like taylor, martin, seagull ... But it is priced 4 or 5 times less, keep that in mind!


I've had 5 years, it has not budged since: it sounds like it is the main asset tables lime is strong and it does not move. I like the fact that for a basic guitar, it is relatively well finished (no cast, physical appearance rather nice). The holding of the agreement is less good cons, but it can be ear (many young guitarists are not paying attention to their tuning, and thus play detuned). This is a good value for money to get started. It is hard to find guitars that sound about 100 €.

Marmotte666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Stagg SW201
A Chinese folk Stagg.
Overall the instrument is trs cheap, I bought it when I beginners and sold shortly APRS.


The handle is catastrophic problem facing many ...
The instrument is not rgl (a constant at Stagg) and 1M of the strings are set, the frets are poorly on the size and dpassent cts, what you do discovering the joys of ttanos!


The sound is feeble, little low anyway. The fact that the instrument is unplayable Obviously would solve nothing!


It appears that the solidbody guitar of the brand have a good qualitprix ... in terms of noise in any case it's totally wolf. An unscrupulous seller MODEL me the top up and I'm quickly dbarrass simply unplayable.

emixam54's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Stagg SW201
Top: Basswood
Back & Sides: basswood
Neck: nato
Touche & bridge: black stained maple
Mechanical: covered, chrome
Finish: gloss
Color: redburst.

One wonders how it can sound with the wood ...


A pretty nice run.
Action a little too high but resonant.
Access to acute difficult since there is no cutaway.


Lack of bass ... But its not too bad compared to other guitars in the same price range to see a bit more expensive ...


I use it for the past 1 ½ years.
Ideal for beginners without ruining it. Frankly if you want to start guitar, start with this one! (Unless you can spend more ...). You will not find better anywhere else in this price range! It is far from bad, on the contrary!
As I said, it is ideal for beginners (to travel then) but no more.
I will keep my life is my first guitar ...

My rating for the "global opinion" is a mark of quality / price ratio.

"" "" In time I would put my money in a 100 Cort "" ""

arvanisca's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Stagg SW201
Guitar Made in Asia

-Table: lime
&-Back wicker covers: lime
-Neck: Nato
& Key-bridge: black stained Saddle
-Mcaniques: covered, chrome
, Finish: gloss
-20 Frets

So nothing transcendent, but for the price it's normal!


The neck is OK but not great, the strings are high which makes the guitar difficult to play.
Access in acute is difficult, but it is a normal good, since we no pan shot!
The guitar is a little big, but you get done ...

In short, the guitar is not very comfortable, with ultra light strings is better but it is still a little sore.


Sound good slap because the body is plutt impressive.
But otherwise the sound is not dmentiel, and more the guitar is wrong pretty quickly when you advance on the handle (I tested it with a tuner).
But then again, that the price can not expect wonders!


I use it for 4 years now, dpart acoustics for beginners, but now I use it mainly for collection's outdoor play, and it is a nikel: a guitar who fears nothing and prsence has enough to play with other people.
His great default for me is his lack of comfort, beginners it really made me suffer!
But compared to other guitars in the same range it is doing not too bad, I tried a silent Jim Harley that much dsagrable play for the same price!

Résumé in a good guitar to Get You Started, I advise you with ropes "Argentina", it will be more enjoyable to play.
It is also a good guitar toting, it is robust, and not fear of dropping.
Lucky Banana07/07/2006

Lucky Banana's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Stagg SW201
I use this pack for over a month and I do not regret Frache certainly is not the guitar very playable finish is (very) ugly, but for the price (99 €) I am delighted. For € 99 is the price of accessories, is a tent that I lug around everywhere without risk and that serves me I'm not on my electric home.

Why to € 300.400 in such a guitar.

This guitar is worth the price what cost, the sound is very poor so it was used as a last resort on stage, let alone in the studio.

I think I referrer the same choice just to have the accessories (house, stand, tuner, picks)

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Stagg SW201
Acoustic guitar manufacturing in Asia. Need I say more?


The neck is quite thin, with an average width, and overall it is enjoyable trs without fatigue.
It possde 20 frets, Access in acute becomes dlicats me from the 15 box (but CHARACTERISTICS Martin is the same on a 2000 euros). Ergonomics are good, the form could not be more traditional, it has been proven.
The mcaniques are of good quality for a guitar of this price, without being perfect of course.


For a guitar of this price, the sound is good trs trs. He can be repprocher a weakness in the bass and a volume not trsdvelopp trs but the highs are enjoyable and overall it sounds good.


I use it for six months, primarily to write the music and layout tips and I am satisfied with TRS. I like the handle end and enjoyable, I like his sound with bright highs.
The ratio quality price is unbeatable in its class, there is no better. In addition, the production is exemplary, there will be no problem of reliability.

ptichou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Stagg SW201
'O sai it does not manufacture ...


Channel enjoyable, difficult due to acute Access in the form of scratches
but nice shape, weight also
good sound easily obtained


Good sound my opinion and the opinion of those who, without them necessarily knowing a lot, have the opportunity to hear me play. but nothing exceptional either


I play it since 3 years, date of purchase.
I apprcie for her, especially
I have not tried other models before it, had a budget rev limit and I liked fawn head ...
the RAPORT qualitprix is ​​correct: given the price (110 at the time) should not expect a huge sth ...
I will not repeat this choice for a simple reason: after 2 years and a half, the handle has been distorted. no way to really just play the low E string of ... shame ...