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Stagg user reviews

  • Stagg Safari Ukulele

    Stagg Safari Ukulele - "a good first Ukulele if you like the animals pictured"


    It has a nato neck and a basswood body and, apart from the bold graphics is the standard budget fair. What I particularly like about mine though is the bright green saddle, nut and tuning buttons. (In case you are wondering about the Eyes, it is a la…

  • Stagg EUK S

    Stagg EUK S - "If you need a "Strat" Ukulele..." has images


    They are Concert size and come in either Black or Sunburst, (I got the Black one). They have active under saddle pickups, volume, bass and treble slider controls a quarter inch main jacksocker on the side and a 3.5mm input and output jack socket on t…

  • Stagg SW206CE

    Stagg SW206CE - "Good for a beginner "


    7 UTILIZATION This guitar got me through the first years of learning guitar. I have received numerous amounts of compliments on the aesthetics, and it really is a beautiful guitar. However, at the end of the day, the guitar's sound very much limite…

  • Stagg 40 AA R

    Stagg 40 AA R - "I was not unhappy to sell it"


    Solid-state amp, very typical for acoustic guitar The controls were conceived by an incompetent mad scientist It features a mic connector and a jack input, plus a jack output An active/passive switch that you most probably won't use It wasn't ugl…

  • Stagg DM 5020

    Stagg DM 5020 - "cant beat the price tag"


    The Stagg DM 5020 is a dynamic microphone that I have used both in the recording studio and the live setting. They are famous for being used in radio booths as a vocal mic, but will work great for a number of different applications including as a voc…

  • Stagg 77-TA

    Stagg 77-TA - "Made for beginners"


    I can't say the Stagg 77 TA this is the greatest trombone out there. It's just a good beginner trombone. It's easier to hold than some better sounding ones, because the weight distribution is more even. This might be to the detriment of the sound, …

  • Stagg C530 3/4 Graphic

    Stagg C530 3/4 Graphic - "Stagg C530"


    This is a classical or nylon string guitar built by Stagg. Stagg makes very cheap instruments. I wanted a nylon string guitar to teach a friend a who things and I thought, what the hay, we'll give the Stagg a shot. I bought this online for $65, ad…

  • Stagg SW203 P2

    Stagg SW203 P2 - "Stagg SW203SB"


    Standard size, sunburst finish, this guitar comes with a gig bag and strings, the bag is a soft case with not to much padding, but this is not an instrument for serious gigging anyway. The strings it comes with are pretty good steel strings. my gir…

  • Stagg TAB-2

    Stagg TAB-2 - moosers's review


    The Stagg Tab 2 1/2 Size Tambourine with 16 cymbals is a simple percussion instrument, which I own and have used for both live shows and recording. I'm not a drummer, but I do often play different percussion instruments on my own recordings and on p…

  • Stagg EDB-3/4

    Stagg EDB-3/4 - "Stagg EDB 3/4"


    I've played bass professionally for 44 years. I currently play in a praise band in a local church and also do studio work. I favor rock but have played just about every style, even -- shame -- disco. Favorite players include Paul McCartney, James Jam…