Stagg BC300
Stagg BC300

BC300, 4-string bass guitar from Stagg in the BC300 series.

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jeannotcollabo 07/22/2004

Stagg BC300 : jeannotcollabo's user review


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I croi qel is fabriq in Asia, 24 frets, 1 jazz and 1 micro precision, it is supposed easel say qe franchemen c and I c pa qel kind it is and I foolish men, 2 volume adjustment, Tone handle a hose-like koi.Assez wide koi simpa, the note of caractristiqe seen say nothing passthrough tou depen then this qon in f evidemen if Cliff Burton noticed the ajd (pai has his soul), it only a very Metral suremen pa bone notes it, I debuted com m and qel convien, I v meter him 7 or 8 non pluto because qe c cool 2 micro c enough polyvalen


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Bin dison qe my style of musiqe c surtou the metal simpho qe jecoute, m is a little low c emmerdifian has long dc little dintret to play my style musiqe prfr m head way the advantage qel ac c qe such geule qils utilisen pr simpho (Ibanez style) .And pui pr punk rock types and blink sum ca pa ren bad pr metalica oci or c qe what I do jou.Je c pa qe this the manaqement seen say cristalin or gra v dc I say qon obtien sound satisfactor pr pri the bass, I like good bass, acute sonnen parfoi a little less well indeed, m yet seen the faith C ... (about 235 new euro) .I put 7 to hasar because qe forcemen nivo sonority by rapor Ibanez has a real or active bele c moin good, because qe m 7 pr pri, I find the qe pa sound is bad


I depui SLMT 3semaine I vien tou just started Alor good I still very ill treatment of sui. I envi low dune ur pa qe cele because the nest pa pa good or adapted passthrough I think qel little adapt to tou style musiqe thanks to 2 micro diffren May surtou because qe jaimerai out a dune ur ur geule in addition, Plow style by ex.Non, c franchemen correct low pr ac debuter a good repor qalitpri to my avi, m if vou have suffisamen to tune it all take Carmen Ibanez