Stagg BC300
Stagg BC300

BC300, 4-string bass guitar from Stagg in the BC300 series.

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MGR/Morei Sky 10/05/2005

Stagg BC300 : MGR/Morei Sky's user review

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I bought the bass as part of a package from an online music store (the BC300 + a 20w stagg amp) for £189

When I bought the bass I was completely new to bass playing so when it came to finding & buying a bass, I pretty much went on looks (what do you expect from a wannabe rocker) & that’s the first thing I like about the bass, its well proportioned (the body doesn’t look to big for the fretboard/head, & visa versa) & the black colour gave it a commanding look.
As I progressed with my bass playing, trying out different techniques, I liked the fact the bass could adapt well for both slap & pick & being a tall person I found the size of the bass (a full 24 frets) was perfect for me (small people on the migit side will probably find it a bit big though).

Because I now have a wider knowledge & understanding of playing bass, i've found that there are a couple of things with the BC3000 that people will notice after a while.
First off, the strings didn't have that much clearance against the fretboard at the top, so when I played the lower notes (especially on the E string) it would occasionally vibrate against metal separators. It wasn't picked up on the amp so wasn't a major issue, but some people may find it annoying.
& also, playing the E & A string made the other 2 strings vibrate to a point when a very gentle humming was playing underneath the actual notes being played (hopefully that made sense).

I did have to tighten a few loose screws on the bass when I got it which makes me think that the bass wasn't put together with a great amount of care, although having said that, it has taken a few good knocks & its lasted me over a year without falling apart, which is always a good sign.
Its also relatively light so for beginners wanting to throw it about as if they were performing at Wembley stadium (come on, you know you have the same dream)

Some people may find it a bit of a "mar-mite" bass, your either going to love it or hate.
Overall, its perfect for beginners, especially if you buy the package with the amp (20w amp for a beginner package is almost unheard of) but as you progress with your playing, you'll begin to notice your out-growing the bass, but hey, you can't run before you can walk & progressing stage by stage is the best way to go if you want to become the next bass legend.
A good price for a good bass.

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