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Begueloune Begueloune
Publié le 10/07/06 à 15:21
-I can not say which country it manufactures t exactly but it is no doubt an Asian above the violin!
-it possde 22 frets, a humbucker in the bridge position with stagg and two single coils.
-chevalet vibrato "stratode" not too bad for the guitar-end (do not tune the guitar too)
-a knob of Gnral volume and tonality of Gnrale
-The handle is very round, but not unpleasant it is also not a wooden log but not hurt me think that of a Les Paul ...

it's basic but it's still what we might effectively be loved more knobs rgalge a bit like a Strat '


-The handle is quite dstabilisant to departure (at least for me I am a relatively flat handle it), but we made vite.On has a good grip of the guitar and the game is quite aispour not say enough pleasant!)
-l'accs the treble is quite ais him aussi.La dcoupe strat using mal.C'est not quite without be optimal as on the SG dcoupes for example ... but it's still okay.
-The Weight remains in the standards it is not too heavy but it's not mga lightweight non plus.En sitting, it's good it was not bad back or the coasts is agr reliable in all positions (and no perverse think if you please !!!: p).
-now, we get l o ca ... Drange sound ... I'm not saying it's a shitty scratch but must be honest ... it's not the top of gamme.Franchement branch on a good amp we just let him get out his guts but without sth exceptionnel.Toutefois of the config is basic it's plug & play what. I think the guitar would win team be better micros.Pour the price is not bad and then a left scratching one will ever bcp better!


Well I play a bit of everything, but mainly AC / DC a little sum of 41 offspring etc ... what there is good is that it's not a scratch on orientie particular type Music is just play everything and ca not go wrong.
-I played on a Fender 30W (well yeah we're in an apartment when tudie eh ... lol) and I added from time to time a little distortion pedal (AC not bad but it was made as also to hide the misery ^^).
for me the mic + mic single dual position was one that sounded best good enough sharp and severe (it does not tore eardrums for nothing what) and ca married a little tout.Pas bad what ...


I used for about a year and I am spar for Lag (gniale passing ..;)) what I loved most was the look that she really the mouth (if not the microphones not very nice ... the tt: s) The fact that it imposes a black REGULAR cleaning otherwise fingerprints will see and it makes dirty. ..dropoff window
In the same price range I had tried a lot anyway and in time left y'avais no better ^^
the price quality ratio is correct that it's worth ca rating.
with the experience I think I would do this choice (I think ... ^^).
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