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  • Stagg TAB-2

    Stagg TAB-2 - moosers's review


    The Stagg Tab 2 1/2 Size Tambourine with 16 cymbals is a simple percussion instrument, which I own and have used for both live shows and recording. I'm not a drummer, but I do often play different percussion instruments on my own recordings and on p…

Translated user reviews
  • Stagg CAJ-50

    Stagg CAJ-50 - Davdav's review


    Bought in 2009 for 100 euros ... I use it very rarely ... Disappointment for the 1st Cajon, originally bought to discover the intrument and possibilities, and as an instrument of study. Overall disappointed because it sounds like cardboard, try…

  • Stagg T-CH14

    Stagg T-CH14 - " Surprising cymbal!"


    I use it for about 6 months. I had the same 12-inch front but eventually split after a year ... I love the sound of this very powerful and full of cymbal harmonics, for me it has nothing to envy the big brands like zildjian. I also have two crash…

  • Stagg SH-CH12R

    Stagg SH-CH12R - " 40 € happiness!"


    I was looking for some time a small china history of making small effects. Sabian, Zildjian, Paiste I tried a few models, but nothing really good to my ear, but the Mini china 12 "Sabian AAX from home (+ or - € 150) And then I came across a whol…

  • Stagg SH-HM14R

    Stagg SH-HM14R - " very very big sound, very heavy"


    Used once but unfortunately does not match my game that is slightly thinner. This material is for the Metal very powerful. On stage, needless to resume very far, so good opening ... …

  • Stagg MY-CR15B

    Stagg MY-CR15B - " But what a monster."


    I use it for 2 years. It competes with paiste rude sabian AAX of ... I troll everywhere Repeat 'in Repeat'. I play different styles, from jazz to metal bagpipe limit (yes, really), and it requires each time a jewel. A beautiful sustain, sounding qu…

  • Stagg BM-CR16

    Stagg BM-CR16 - " A cymbal rather bad"


    I had the opportunity to try this crash in our rehearsal room, so I used throughout our repeated, ie more or less 2 hours. Of course, I do not have and it may there are some points I did not hear. However, for me this is bad cymabale. Touch is not pl…

  • Stagg CXA SET

    Stagg CXA SET - " Crash = shit = not bad charley"


    A charley pack including 13 "A crash and 16". Commançons by the angry ... The Crash ... I have received, installed it in my set and I play, I whipped a first time ... The sound was .. how to say .. crap, no definition ... Well, it does not surprise…

  • Stagg TIM 1 SET 22

    Stagg TIM 1 SET 22 - " Do not buy ..."


    I use it for 4 years bientt. I had ever tried a Pearl, Sonor an old and a PDP. The peculiarities that I like least is the skin that will wear out quickly enough, the cymbals that twist, the snare that gives its rotting I find, and especially ... th…

  • Stagg DH-CM16B

    Stagg DH-CM16B - AdriDRUM's review


    I use this cymbal for 1 year and I am very satisfied! With a very nice sustain, incredible clarity a very good sound projection answers and (if I may say so as a) without equal. The sound of the crash is close to a china. Acqurir before I tried many …