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  • Stagg PC-0,15/PLPL

    Stagg PC-0,15/PLPL - " Satisfied for the price"


    I have bought these little cables 15 cm in length to connect my guitar pedals (pedalboard), sold in packages of 6.Très performance for the price, no sound or other parasite, really satisfied at all levels ... J`avais looked for a purchase of more …

  • Stagg COS 10

    Stagg COS 10 - " Perfect"


    I find a small stand to put my computer to connect to a small sound to make a drink out there and really nice and very convenient and as said by another user there is no competition with this product. …

  • Stagg ABS-4U

    Stagg ABS-4U - " Practical and sturdy"


    I use it for two months but I have not transported from evil. What I like is its solid appearance and handling practice with a handle on each side (to raise two) even if it is unpleasant to wear (gloves recommended). Well as practical full-open, …

  • Stagg ABS-4U

    Stagg ABS-4U - " great"


    I have since 2 weeks and I am happy with the value for money (made in china) has a handful useful. I remake that choice if I miss the place! …

  • Stagg KXS-A7

    Stagg KXS-A7 - Amduskias's review


    Keyboard stand with height adjustment by gear. - For how long have you been using it? I have been using ... a year and a half. Only at home in home-environment stud. I asked a Studiologic 990XP above my piano to work with The Grand. - Did y…

  • Stagg ABS-FMR

    Stagg ABS-FMR - regc's review


    Hello, I wanted to inform you that it really is not strong! the rivets do not, the Contents of poor quality plastic and especially fragile. Attention to this flycase mixer not being protected not your hardware. Buy vritable of ABS. greetin…

  • Stagg MRS-A13/7U

    Stagg MRS-A13/7U - polo2bzh's review


    Robust, practical, ideal if it suits your needs. …

  • Stagg PBS-1

    Stagg PBS-1 - @lfc's review


    I use them for a year, about 2 times a month. They are very light, it is very important when making or even the roadie! Practical and well designed, they are well padded and moletonnées inside with a cloth on the outside, stiff and strong, wide n…

  • Stagg MRS-A12U

    Stagg MRS-A12U - didier.rombauts's review


    - How long have you use it? 11 years - What is the particular feature you like best and least? No ngatif point very solid, thanks to practical wheels - Have you tried many other models before acqurir? No, this is my first. - How do you re…

  • Stagg MRS-A12U

    Stagg MRS-A12U - Jeremy R's review


    I have for several months, there are a lot of stuff above and arsiste. It's great practice home studio. It can be tilted, it can be horizontal (good for table mix) or nearly vertical. At home it's more enjoyable lgrement inclined to manipulate the ma…